No, Pokimane Didn't Do Coke On Stream

No, Pokimane Didn't Do Coke On Stream
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Emma Hill


21st Jan 2022 15:07

Following allegations that she did lines of cocaine while livestreaming, Imane "Pokimane" Anys has had to publicly deny that she has ever taken drugs on her streams. She has also stated that she has never taken drugs in her private life either.

We may only be a little way into 2022, but the past few weeks have already been a whirlwind for Pokimane. We all thought that the most dramatic part of her year would be when she received her first ever Twitch ban for breaching DMCA rules. Okay, perhaps she shouldn't have played with fire and delved into the 'TV show meta' by watching anime, but the amount of "misogynistic" abuse Pokimane received was horrifying. Sadly, this abuse then continued following the drama with YouTuber JiDion, who sent a "hate raid" to attack Pokimane's stream and continued to make "extremely sexual" comments towards her. 

As well as this, Pokimane has had to respond to accusations that she took drugs while live on stream in front of her fans after a short clip of her "snorting" a kind of "white powder" began to circulate the internet.

Why Do People Think Pokimane Took Drugs On Stream?

Before JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch following the drama, some controversial clips from Pokimane's old streams began to circulate around social media which had viewers talking. In one 13-second clip, Pokimane is seen crushing a kind of white powder and making "lines" using a credit card before leaning down to "snort" it. Viewers quickly jumped to the conclusion that Pokimane had livestreamed herself doing cocaine, which would prove especially shocking given how a good number of her fanbase are minors. 

However, what many viewers don't know is that the clip is taken from her stream in which the creator opened Japanese-based loot boxes and the "white powder" was, in fact, just sugar. She even pointed out how much it looked like cocaine and pretended to split it into "lines" and "snort" it. However, this was all snipped out of the viral clip, which has over 400k views, as of writing.

Pokimane Denies Doing Drugs On Stream

It wasn't long before the clip grabbed a high amount of attention on social media and soon reached Pokimane herself. She then took to Twitter to give the low-down on the rumours. She stated: "I truly cannot believe I have to say this but no, I don't do coke or any drugs for that matter. I’ve never even done a drinking stream y’all."

Despite the rumours first circulating on January 14, the topic is still popping up across social media. Pokimane currently hasn't commented any further on the topic, but she did conclude by saying, "it speaks for itself that people need to dig up things from 7+ years ago when I was a minor to find something to be angry about. It sucks bc I feel like I've tried to grow as a person and have apologized/clarified so many times leave me alone, I just wanna game."


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