JiDion Twitch Ban Appeal Denied Following Pokimane Drama

JiDion Twitch Ban Appeal Denied Following Pokimane Drama
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Emma Hill


20th Jan 2022 15:49

YouTuber "JiDion" appealed to the Twitch gods to have his ban revoked after he finally issued an apology to Imane "Pokimane" Anys. The move came after he harassed her on stream and encouraged his followers to spam her social media pages. However, Twitch has responded with a solid hard no.

If you've managed to avoid the whole Pokimane and JiDion drama, then it all began on January 12, when JiDion sent a "hate raid" of his fans to spam Pokimane's stream with "L+Ratio". She subsequently ended her stream early and JiDion received a two-week Twitch ban. But, JiDion didn't stop there. He then continued to harass Pokimane on Twitter by changing his profile picture to one of Pokimane make-up free. He also proceeded to make "sexual" and "misogynistic" comments towards her causing her to lock her Twitter account. As a result, Twitter made the decision to ban JiDion for good.

However, JiDion desperately called out to Pokimane to help end the Twitch ban, but with no luck. Things aren't looking any better, has Twitch has now denied JiDion's appeal to have the ban revoked. 

When Did JiDion Apologise To Pokimane?

It took a couple of days, but on January 17, JiDion issued a public apology to Pokimane on Twitter following the backlash he received for harassing her. He also asked his fans to follow in his footsteps and stop any further harassment. In the tweet, JiDion said: "Throughout this whole situation I did a lot of corny sh*t, and I'm way funnier than the level I brought myself down to. Pokie, I apologize and boys I'm dropping it so I'm asking you guys to as well. Will be streaming next week on YouTube and love you guys."

Pokimane eventually responded to JiDion's apology saying: "I'm glad he apologised and told his viewers to chill. Hope he does better in the future and that this'll is the last time I have to talk about this." However, she also stated that she was "tired of people minimizing the harassment" to just the "L+Ratio" spam. Pokimane then went on to post three pages worth of notes that she'd made detailing JiDion's harassment of her. In the tweet, Pokimane claimed JiDion said "hateful" and "extremely sexual" things said about her before the L+Ratio spam and that he targeted not only her but her subs as well. 

JiDion Twitch Ban Appeal Denied

Following on from his apology, JiDion hoped that Twitch would reconsider the ban. However, on January 19, JiDion revealed that his appeal to have it revoked had been denied and shared the notification from Twitch informing him of the decision. In the email, Twitch said: "Your account is indefinitely suspended due to repeated or severe Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations [...] we do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse." Yet, JiDion accepted the result and that the fault was all his own. 

JiDion had previously appealed directly to Pokimane herself to have the ban revoked. His fans then moved on to the likes of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins for help, but that just caused an even bigger heap of drama

As the Pokimane Vs Ninja beef continues, her friends have rallied behind her for support. JiDion may be hugely popular over on YouTube, but it looks like it's the end of the road for his Twitch career. 


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