Pokimane Refuses To Talk About Her Dating Life On Stream

Pokimane Refuses To Talk About Her Dating Life On Stream
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15th Feb 2022 16:24

Imane "Pokimane" Anys has put her foot down with her fans and said she won't talk about her relationships during her streams.

This year may have got off to a rocky start for Pokimane, what with her first-ever Twitch ban and her legal beef with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. However, things appear to be on the up for the streamer with her renewed contract with Twitch and she even patched things up with JiDion. Pokimane's fans also claim that the 25-year-old is currently dating her "secret" boyfriend 'Kevin', who has made an appearance in a number of her streams and has already become a firm-favourite for her fanbase. 

However, as Pokimane has never officially confirmed whether or not she and Kevin are dating, she is constantly facing questions about their relationship. Well, now she has explained just why she is against talking about her love life on stream. 

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Why Won't Pokimane Talk About Her Relationships On Stream?

Pokimane was doing a livestream on February 12 when she was joined by fan-favourite Kevin. As the mysterious Kevin took to the desk chair, he took it upon himself to answer some of the questions in her chat, including another enquiry as to whether the pair were dating. Kevin turned to Pokimane sitting on the floor behind him and joked: "Are we dating?" Pokimane looked taken aback by the question before laughing alongside Kevin. 

Clarifying her thoughts, Pokimane stated: "Listen, I just feel like it's weird to talk about that." She compared being asked that question as to being hounded in school about who she's dating. She continued: "It's a weird thing to talk about publicly, but Kevin is very nice and I hope you guys can enjoy him." 

Are Pokimane And Kevin Dating?

Neither Pokimane nor Kevin have officially confirmed whether they are an item. Whenever the question has popped up during Pokimane's stream, she has only ever stated that Kevin is 'dating' her chat, much to her fans' delight. Kevin also had to face the same question when he was left alone to 'entertain' Pokimane's chat for a little bit on January 25. If fans didn't love Kevin already, seeing him share some facts about his life and play with her cat Mimi definitely pulled at their heartstrings. 

So, fans looking to get an official answer about whether Kevin is Pokimane's "secret boyfriend" may be in for a long wait. However, with such a public career, it's great that Pokimane is able to keep some personal things private. 

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