Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks Are Out In The Wild

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks Are Out In The Wild
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Tom Chapman


1st Nov 2022 13:14

Much like trying to add that last tricky 'Mon to your Pokedex, trying to figure out which Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks are legitimate has become quite the Master Quest. We're still a full two weeks out from the games' official release, but like we always knew, the leaks were always going to hit hard.

2022 will be known for two things... gaming delays and gaming leaks. Only recently, Gotham Knights spoiled its own big twist when an art book shipped early, while Cory Barlog has recently gone on a rant that a US retailer shipped God of War Ragnarok ahead of time. A sea of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks were already out there, but now, some of them appear to be real.

Warning: potential Pokemon Scarlet and Violet spoilers ahead

What Are The Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks?

The Pokemon community is notoriously vicious, but with so many invested players, it means there are even more fans looking for spoilers. There are accounts like @CentroLeaks that spend their days aggregating leaks and trying to figure out what's real and what's been made up for a few retweets or upvotes.

Over on Twitter, our first official image of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has seemingly popped up. There's not much to glean from this, but we see a Pokemon Box where you can store your Pocket Monsters. Alongside seeing Pikachu and Sprigatito are here, it's clear Game Freak isn't planning on reinventing these base mechanics too much.

On YouTube, Blaines has gathered everything together, and alongside the first photo, there are drawings of the starter evolutions. This is arguably the big one everyone is looking for, and because we haven't actually seen a screenshot of them yet, there's a chance these fan drawings are fake. Ever since we met Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito, we've become obsessed with seeing their evolutions. 


Watch Out For More Scarlet And Violet Leaks

We see an apparent Fuecoco evolution with an egg on its head (don't ask), and even if it's fraudulent, it's easy to imagine it looking like this. There's also a cute Sprigatito evolution that looks like a Care Bear, a Quaxly evolution with coiffeured hair, and a final Fuecoco evolution that's a lizard-like creature with four legs. In particular, these came from an Italian leaker we hadn't heard from before.

Leaks are everywhere right now, and with multiple sources saying some have got their hands on Scarlet and Violet already, the Twitterverse is about to become drowned in them. We know there isn't long to wait, but with us being in a spoiler culture where nothing stays secret for long, don't pretend you won't be having a look.

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