Massive Gotham Knights Spoiler Has Ruined The Game's Ending

Massive Gotham Knights Spoiler Has Ruined The Game's Ending
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13th Oct 2022 17:10

Do you remember when The Last of Us Part II's big twists and turns leaked a month before the game released? Now, another AAA game has similar been rocked by today's spoiler culture. With the Gotham Knights release date just around the corner, the superhero showstopper's big twist has already been spoiled.  

Like with any big adventure game, we expect there will be a few shock surprises along the way. Just like if Kratos croaks it in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, we're sure to have it spoiled somehow. Still, it doesn't make those Gotham Knights spoilers any easier to swallow. 

Warning: massive Gotham Knights spoilers ahead

What Is The Gotham Knights Leak?

If you're still with us, we're sure you're dying to know what's been unearthed and whether those spoiler hounds have gone full Joker to get the last laugh. In the various Gotham Knight previews, there have been talks about the central mystery about the Court of Owls and what happened to Batman. You're sure to find out once the credits roll, but over on Reddit, leakers have been spoiling it early.

With the story focusing on the Bat Family of Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin in the aftermath of Bruce Wayne's death, the team has always maintained that the billionaire playboy is dead and buried. Apparently, only the first part of that sentence is true. Official Gotham Knights artbooks have shipped early, with several pages spoiling that Bruce will be resurrected via the Lazarus Pit.

Those who've played Rocksteady's unrelated Arkham games will know the Lazarus Pit was used to bring Ra's al Ghul back to life. In Gotham Knights, Talia al Ghul apparently uses it to bring her lover back from the dead. According to Kotaku, there's a boss fight between your heroes and Batman, where you have to dodge uninterruptible attacks while also trying to bring Bruce back to sanity using speech prompts. 


Are The Gotham Knights Leaks Real?

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Rocksteady | Warner Bros. Montreal

Batman coming back isn't a real surprise because many of us had guessed he would, but what's less clear is what happens next. On the game's spoiler subreddit, players are already arguing about whether the Bat Family will have to take him out, or we'll bring Bruce back to his senses. We don't know whether Gotham Knights is supposed to be the start of a bigger narrative with a playable Batman in tow, but either way, it looks like these leaks are the real deal.

On October 7, Executive Producer Fleur Mart tweeted, "I can't begin to understand why would anyone spoil a story (whether it's a game, a movie, a book, whatever) for others." The game's subreddit has already gone dark on all new spoiler posts - instead sending everyone to the same discussion thread. Still, WB Montreal is likely fuming right now. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann called The Last of Us Part II leaks one of the worst days of his life, so if Warner Bros. Montreal needs a shoulder to cry on, we're sure he's just a buzz away on the Batphone.

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