Pokemon GO raises its prices for Timburr Community Day

Pokemon GO raises its prices for Timburr Community Day
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Joseph Kime


13th Oct 2023 14:55

Nintendo's involvement with micro-transaction-laden, free-to-play, games has been a disappointment, but it's not something that's likely to change. We were glad to see series like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart touch down on mobile, but this preying attitude toward micro-transactions was seemingly out of character for Nintendo.

That was until we realised that this was just another case of the company being pretty late to the party when it comes to industry norms. It was disappointing then, and it remains that way now with Pokemon GO - especially as it has quietly raised its prices in time for a new event.

Pokemon GO quietly raises its prices before an event

With Pokemon GO in its seventh year, it's impressive that Niantic has managed to keep players engaged and spending their real-world money on those pixelated Pokemon. Pokemon GO helped us get through lockdown, but since then, it's faced a barrage of complaints. 

As you can probably expect, Niantic hasn't made much noise about it. Fans have noticed that the prices of Pokemon GO's community day tickets have gone up. This is just in time for Timburr Community Day, and although we feel bad for the plucky fighter, players are unimpressed. 

Pokemon GO regulars have shared reports on Reddit, with one user noticing how the prices of Special Research access tickets have been increased in New Zealand. Others have noted the UK and US are victims of the price hike, while Niantic still tries to keep the change quiet. As you can expect, fans aren't happy.

Fans react to Pokemon GO price hike
Sprigatito, Quaxly and Fuecoco in Pokemon GO.
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"Inflation is crazy, driving up the cost of pixels on my screen," adds one user in the comments of the post, bringing the price hike to light for many players in the TheSilphRoad subreddit. "Mmmmmmmm, it's almost like Niantic is missing all the remote raid pass money…" says another.

Niantic has been on the back foot since the outrage against Remote Raid Passes kicked off. It's clear that players aren't happy, but it's hard to be shocked by the gradual and quiet price rises across the board in the game. Who'd have thought catching Pokemon would be such a pricey hobby?

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