Pokemon GO players roast 'insanely expensive' Master Ball Special Research

Pokemon GO players roast 'insanely expensive' Master Ball Special Research
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Nov 2023 15:50

Some seven years after Pokemon GO came onto the mobile market, Niantic is still trying to keep us coming back for more. Now, the AR title has released a new way for players to get a Master Ball. Unfortunately, some fans have found it to be ridiculously expensive in proportion to what you actually get.

Paid Pokemon GO Master Ball is an unpopular choice

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Special Research: Master Ball is a brand-new form of paid Special Research that's been added to Pokemon GO. It gives players who were unable to complete the Season-long Timed Investigation an extra way to get the Master Ball. 

While it's nice in theory - as it allows players with less time to stay up-to-date and earn useful rewards - many players think the $7.99 price point is insanely expensive for a Master Ball and some extra XP.

The overwhelming consensus seems to be that it's not worth the money, unless you are absolutely going to use the Master Ball. Even then, the cases where you really need to use one are few and far between. 

An $8 dollar microtransaction is on the lower end of the spectrum these days, with games like Modern Warfare 3 featuring a $60 set of skins, but fans are still justifiably annoyed about the situation, especially considering Niantic's shrinking reputation.

Lamenting the addition of Special Research: Master Ball, one gamer grumbled, "As much as I'd like a Master ball, paying 7.99 for a ball and some XP ain't worth it to me haha." Another fumed, "I thought it was $4.99. Now it is $7.99. But still it is easier and cheaper than the time limited one. Ironic!

Pokemon GO players continue to lose patience with Niantic

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Pokemon GO players have become increasingly frustrated at developers Niantic over the past year due to many decisions that have affected the game. 

Firstly, 230 employees were laid off from the company earlier in the year as Niantic cancelled a Marvel game and decided to go all-in on Pokemon GO. The results of this are still yet to be shown in the final product.

Since then, it's seemed like the company can't get anything right, with it quietly raising microtransaction prices right before an event, as well as launching a Party Play feature that received a lukewarm response from the community due to its poor implementation.

Mechanics as simple as PokeStops don't even work correctly anymore, with many users reporting that they disappear for seemingly no reason.  Pokemon GO is far from its launch heyday, and with this recent Master Ball controversy, it seems like Niantic is destined to continue making decisions that alienate its fanbase.

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