Pokemon GO’s Detective Pikachu comes with an adorable perk

Pokemon GO’s Detective Pikachu comes with an adorable perk
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Joseph Kime


5th Oct 2023 16:50

Detective Pikachu is almost back - and no, we're not talking about the long-awaited movie sequel, as much as we wish we were. No, it's another sequel - the follow-up to the popular 3DS game that is landing on the Switch.

Though the first game didn't quite capture the hearts of every Pokemon fan out there, it still has its most dedicated players. Now, they're flocking to Pokemon GO to see a new crossover event that brings the inquisitive mouse to the mobile game.

Detective Pikachu has arrived in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO's newest avatar poses from the Detective Pikachu crossover.
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The upcoming release of Detective Pikachu Returns has brought with it a fun new collab with Niantic's Pokemon GO. It introduces the titular Pikachu and some new friends to the game.

New avatar poses have been added to the game, as well as a whole host of more likely wild encounters that feature Pikachu wearing a detective hat, Slowpoke with his own hat, and a series of other beasties that appear in the series.

It's a andorable little crossover that fans are truly getting stuck into - but there's one feature that players are loving.

Detective Pikachu has an inquisitive animation in Pokemon GO

Fans have taken to Twitter to point out that the latest Detective Pikachu to be added to the game is being treated separately from the last ones that appeared in the game. Plus, the new ones come packed with their own sweet little animation that features Pikachu pulling out his magnifying glass and scoping out his surroundings.

Better yet, Detective Pikachu apparently keeps his magnifying glass and animation, even when in storage. One cheered, "Ohh that looks really cool I like the animation," while another simply wrote, "Cute." Still, someone joked, "Bro they did more to promote the new game than they did to promote the movie."

It's incredibly sweet, and it's a crossover that perfectly reflects the Pikachu starring in the new game. Though we're not sure we can take him to a coffee shop to get him hopped on caffeine.

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