Pokemon GO players slam ‘absolutely stupid' Party Play

Pokemon GO players slam ‘absolutely stupid' Party Play
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Joseph Kime


19th Oct 2023 11:20

It seems that all Pokemon GO fans can do is complain at the moment, but they're not exactly being unfair. Niantic has become a bit of a baddie in the world of Pokemon GO fandom, with players hitting back at the company's failures to flag its price hikes.

With others claiming Niantic has failed to justify its own Halloween event so far, fans are a little burned out. It's a big shame, especially considering where we started with the game. Disgruntled gamers are getting even more exhausted with the feature designed to bring them together.

Fans are hating Pokemon GO's Party Play

The brand-new Party Play mode has just been added to Pokemon GO as a new feature that is designed to help players go on adventures with their pals. It should be easy to catch Pokemon as a squad - but there are more than a few problems with the mode.

Party Play intends to allow players to join parties of up to four players, letting them complete special challenges and use unique abilities when taking on Raid Bosses. Emphasis on the idea that this is how it should work.

Pokefans have been pointing out that it doesn't entirely work, as even though its intent is good, it doesn't feature enough for players to actually justify using it. It definitely doesn't help that cheaters are already infecting the mode.

Routes don't work in Party Play

Though players expected that Routes would be the perfect application of the new Pokemon GO mode, it looks like it doesn't actually work, with the feature being directly inaccessible when in Party Play. Fans have taken to Reddit to complain about the lack of Routes in the mode.

When one said the technology isn't there yet, another added, "Maybe in another 5 years we'll be able to enjoy that," while someone else concluded, "This easily the most half baked feature in a game that is repleat with half baked features. Like, my expectations were in the dirt and they still managed to come in 50 feet below that."

One player fumed, "Yes it's absolutely stupid. How can you utilize all the new things when they don't overlap." Niantic has promised the feature will evolve, but for now, it's not a good look. It's clear once again that players aren't happy with what Niantic is up to. Shocker.

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