Pokemon GO’s Shiny Cutiefly declared one of the game’s best ’mons

Pokemon GO’s Shiny Cutiefly declared one of the game’s best ’mons
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5th Jan 2024 16:50

Pokemon GO has always felt slightly adjacent to the wider world of Pokemon, maintaining its title as perhaps the game's best-ever spin-off. Still, that doesn't mean it can't be at the forefront of people's attention from time to time.

The AR title's player base has admittedly shrunk from its soaring successes at launch, but now, players are more dedicated and willing to come back day after day for raids, gyms, battles, and collection events. As the roster continues to grow, the world of the mainline titles and features like Shiny Pokemon are landing in Pokemon GO. 

Pokemon GO is sailing pretty comfortably, and even though players have much to say about Niantic's managing of the title, it's working for it regardless. And now, a new event is bringing a fan-favourite to the title in an all-new way.

Pokemon GO introduces the Dazzling Dream event

A brand-new event is coming for Pokemon GO, and it's adding a Shiny Pokemon that players have latched onto.

The new Dazzling Dream event is set to appear in the game, and as the Pokemon GO Twitter account reveals the content that awaits players, they're getting excited to jump into what looks to be a Fairy Pokemon free-for-all.

The event allows players the chance to get their hands on a huge host of Fairy-types like Clefairy, Jigglypuff, and Cottonee, as well as some rare appearances in the form of White and Orange Flower Flabebe, and the slippery Togetic.

Players can also wrangle double catch stardust and hatch stardust - but there's one thing that players are the most excited to see.

Pokemon GO debuts players’ favourite shiny Pokemon

Along with the rest of the Pokemon available to players in the new event, it brings with it the debut of Shiny Cutiefly - a Pokemon that has been lorded as perhaps the best shiny family in the whole series.

Taking to the comments of a post in TheSilphRaod, players have shared just how much they love the special colourway. "So cute!" says one fan. "The red scarf makes it look like a completely different Pokemon than the original." Someone even placed Shiny Cutiefly in their Top 10 Pokemon GO Pokemon. 

Another added, "Somehow I've never seen shiny Cutiefly.. absolutely need this," while a third said, "One of the best shinies in the series, the pink with the red scarf is just absolutely adorable!" Someone called out the recent Shiny Hisuian Typhlosion debacle and concluded, "Much better than Hisuian Typhlosion I'm still not over that shiny family."

The event might have plenty to offer, but fans have clearly made their choice on their favourite feature. Trainers, get catching those Shiny Cutiefly - trust us that it's one you'll definitely want in your collection. 

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