Pokemon GO players ‘gutted’ over Shadow Mewtwo Raid

Pokemon GO players ‘gutted’ over Shadow Mewtwo Raid
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Tom Chapman


2nd Apr 2024 15:52

Those Pokemon GO developers can't catch a break, can they? While most of us were celebrating this Easter weekend, it looks like Niantic was busy looking ahead to April 1st's April Fool's Day. The developer has been called out for the shoddy organisation and timing of its Shadow Mewtwo Raid.

Pokemon GO's Shadow Raids are a big reason for casual and die-hard players to jump back into the mobile title. With the nefarious Team Rocket offering up beefy variants of some classic 'mon, the fact the OG villain of Mewtwo was returning for a Shadow Raid was something of a big deal.

Pokemon GO players 'gutted' by Shadow Mewtwo raid

Ninantic has been called out for the bad timing of its Shadow Raids before, and as you have to participate in person rather than via a Remote Raid Pass, you're less than impressed with the Pokemon GO developer. As many were visiting family or had plans over the Easter weekend, it was hardly an ideal time to launch a Shadow Raid.

Over on the Pokemon GO subreddit, Niantic was once again dragged over the coals, with u/Dragonmas7er5 complaining that they have to work Saturdays, while the Shadow Raid being the only way to get this rare Mewtwo was dubbed as "trash."

The OP wasn't alone in their grumbling, as someone else raged, "It's like they don't even try because every damn year there's an awfully timed event. I get not everyone celebrates easter, christmas, valentines day, or whatever other holiday, but they always schedule it on the same day. Niantic is terrible with events and timing."

A third said, "Didn't even open the app this weekend. What’s the point...?" More than being angry, someone else concluded, "I worked a 12hrs shift Saturday and 12hrs today so I ended up missing out. Gutted is an understatement!"

Should you purify your Shadow Mewtwo?

Shadow Mewtwo Pokemon GO advert
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Image via Niantic

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For those who managed to nab Shadow Mewtwo, there's the question of whether you should purify the brainwashed Pocket Monster. Shadow Mewtwo boasts an impressive Max CP of 4,724, and with the chance to encounter a shiny version, it was a must-catch addition for many.

Shadow Pokemon get a boost to their IV when purified, but if your Shadow Mewtwo already has a strong IV, most would advise against purifying it. Despite having reduced durability, remember Shadow Pokemon also have a 1.2x damage multiplier. A Psystrike from a Shadow Mewtwo packs a punch, so look at the options before purifying. 

Frustration is a notoriously average charged attack, but if you've got 120 Mewtwo candies or wait around for a Team Rocket Takeover event, you can swap it out. Of course, you had to catch the slippery customer in the first place, meaning a lot of you were busy munching Easter eggs to grab one over the weekend. 

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