Pokemon GO fans scared by ‘terrifying’ Halloween event

Pokemon GO fans scared by ‘terrifying’ Halloween event
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Tom Chapman


16th Oct 2023 15:54

Something is going bump in the night over in Pokemon GO, and safe to say, some of you are terrified. While Halloween sees everything from Call of Duty to Fortnite celebrate the spooky season, was anyone really expecting Pokemon GO to go full Dead by Daylight

The Pokemon series isn't afraid to dabble in the occult, with haunting stories like Driftloon stealing kids or Cubone wearing the skull of its dead mother. More recently, Scarlet & Violet's The Teal Mask DLC added the nightmarish Poltchageist to your Pokedex. Now, Pokemon GO has inadvertently turned into a mobile horror. 

Pokemon GO players terrified by new Halloween outfits

When Serebii's Joe Merrick shared a look at the new Pokemon GO Halloween outfits, fans soon realised the devs might be leaning a little too hard into the Halloween 'spirit.' There are a series of styles in the shop, with the Yamask one looking particularly terrifying. 

Feeling like we've stepped into an A24 horror movie, there's something unnerving by the blank face of a player, with a Yamask glued to them like an Alien facehugger. There are also equally nightmarish Phantump and Cofagrigus outfits. 

The first part of Pokemon GO's Halloween event brings the following to the shop, with Part 1 bringing a variety of event-themed avatar items and stickers for trainers to get their hands on. They will be available in the in-game shop for purchase:

  • Cofagrigus Costume
  • Cofagrigus Head
  • Greavard Wig
  • Phantump Head
  • Yamask Mask

Players were split between being frightened and impressed. One cheered, "I'd wear the cofigrigus costume and just walk up to random people and give hugs," while another added, "Knowing the lore behind these Pokemon makes these costumes so dark." 

A third cheered, "Can’t decide which is more horrifying?" and a fourth concluded, "I want the yamask mask, that looks eerie." Now we need a whole animated Yamask backstory like we got when Poltchageist was introduced. 

What's in the Pokemon GO Halloween event 

Pokemon GO Ticket of Treats
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As we've mentioned, this is just the first part of Pokemon GO's Halloween spooktacular. There's the long-awaited arrival of Greavard (hence being honoured in the shop), as well as a paid-for Timed Research opportunity and additional candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

There are increased spawn rates for dark Pokemon like Litwick, Shuppet, and Alolan Meowth, with shiny encounters available and a lucky spawn of Sandygast. Raiders can expect to potentially find a shiny Guzzlord, with a possible return of the elusive Darkrai.

Part 1 will run from 10 AM local time on October 19 until 10 AM local time on October 26. After that, there's another smorgasbord of tricks and treats in the second part of the event. To be honest, our favourite part of the Pokemon GO Halloween event is that there's a remixed version of the haunting Lavender Town music.

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