Niantic takes Black and White Kyurem away from Pokemon GO players

Niantic takes Black and White Kyurem away from Pokemon GO players
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Alex Garton


21st Dec 2023 13:00

While Pokemon GO is still immensely popular, it doesn't stop the game from getting a lot of criticism from fans who constantly call on Niantic to do better.

Whether it's the "scam" shop with its high prices or unbalanced catch rates making it hard for trainers to build up their collection, it feels like there's always controversy among players.

This week is no different, with Niantic accidentally adding Black and White Kyurem as a reward in the GO Battle League.

The devs have quickly taken action, and while it's caused a lot of frustration with trainers, there have at least been some rewards to say sorry.

Black & White Kyurem were accidentally added to Pokemon GO


New Pokemon never fail to excite the community, but this time, their arrival was a little earlier than the Niantic intended.

Unfortunately, the developers accidentally added Black and White Kyurem as a reward in GBL. This addition was completely "unintended," and as soon as Niantic realised what it had done, action was taken.

Both Pokemon were immediately removed from the game and taken away from any trainer who managed to collect them. This didn't go down well with players who assumed they had finally managed to get their hands on Kyurem, just for it to be ripped away.

Niantic offers "compensation" to trainers who obtained Black & White Kyurem


A silver lining throughout this drama is that on December 21, Niantic revealed that it will be "reaching out to the trainers who were recently affected" by the issue and providing "in-game compensation."

The apology rewards include 250 Kyurem Candy, five Star Pieces, five Lucky Eggs, and 250,000 Stardust, which is a pretty good haul. Still, it's unlikely anything will be able to replace Black and White Kyurem that are now missing from players' accounts.

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