Pokemon GO players put down their phones over new catch rates

Pokemon GO players put down their phones over new catch rates
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Joseph Kime


24th Nov 2023 16:45

While all eyes might be on the arrival of the Indigo Disc DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there certainly isn't going to be an impact on interest in Pokemon GO.

For some reason, our love of mainline titles and Niantic's AR spin-off game have felt incredibly separate, with Pokemon GO perhaps owing its worldwide success to people who were never interested in Pokemon for this.

Even though many would suggest Pokemon GO is past its prime, the arrival of a new Pokemon DLC at least has some impact, as it'll hopefully bringing some new beasties to the game. Still, players actually need to be able to bring them into their parties first.

Players are struggling to catch new Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players are reporting that they're struggling to catch the latest Pokemon added to the game, taking to Reddit to share their troubles.

One Reddit post has served as the hub of complaints for the issue, where user Unbekannnt0 shared their feelings about the catch rates of new Pokemon not working in their favour. It's apparently a common complaint, with some thinking it's all part of Niantic's Team Rocket-inspired scheme.

I don't mind having hard to catch Pokemon, but if a 300 Cp Tadbulb (that doesn't even have a powerful evolution) is harder to catch than a 1700 Cp Magmar, there's something wrong," they say.

"I feel like a lot of Pokemon have wasted potential, just look at Wimpos, instead of it fleeing after breaking out (simular what it does in the main games) it just has a very low catch rate. Whilst pokemon like Beldum (which has the lowest catch rate of any pokemon in the main games) is super easy to catch in Pokemon GO."

Fans react to Pokemon GO's poor catch rates

Some eggs in Pokemon GO.
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Others have taken to the comments to share that they're suffering from the same issues, with their experience is dampened as a result. "The spawns suck rn,” says one user. "I'm not gonna play this week. Just do daily raid and daily spin n go home. + I'm studying for finals so I'm thrilled it works out."

Another said, "They know the new Pokémon are the draw, so if they're harder to catch then you have to spend more time and restock on more resources instead of just getting your evolution and then turning the game back off."

The frustrations with catching new Pokemon are clearly catching, if you’ll pardon the pun. Niantic has recently come under fire for Remote Raid Pass changes, expensive Master Balls, and even accusations of ableism. Add sneaky spawn rates to this and we'll have a riot. Get comfortable with what you've got.

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