Pokemon GO Excellent Throw hack makes sure you’ll never miss

Pokemon GO Excellent Throw hack makes sure you’ll never miss
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Joseph Kime


15th Sep 2023 12:40

Pokemon GO might not be in the same position it once was (with that position being on top of the world), but that doesn't mean that its playerbase isn't still dedicated.

Accusations of tumbling numbers and financials aside, there are still strong communities of Pokemon GO all over the world, and players are still attached to the idea of going for a wander outside and finding some beasties to bring home along the way.

We've learned a lot since Pokemon GO launched in 2015, and if you've ever had trouble bagging the Pokemon you want, the Pokemon GO Excellent Throw hack may be a new trick to help you.

Pokemon GO Excellent Throw hack works every time

Excellent throws can be tough in Pokemon GO, as landing a catch in the central circle of the catching guide is a little slim for some - but one Reddit user has a new trick that could help you manage them better.

Reddit user u/UNFRGVBL claims to have 120 Excellent throws under their belt and has shared their advice with other players. They've assured them the best way to get the Excellent throws that you need to complete the massive challenge is… practice. That's not very helpful.

Others have taken to the comments to point out that this isn't exactly useful news to them, and have joked that the OP had taken all of their good luck - but someone in the comments has pointed out an actual good trick that players can use.

Using AR+ helps you bag Excellent Throws

Another player has taken to the comments to share a detail that is actually pretty useful when you're shooting for Excellent Throws.

If you activate the AR mode of the game and walk over to the Pokemon you're hoping to catch, just hold your phone over them and look down on them, and simply drop the Pokeball on top of them, you'll bag the best grade of catch easy.

Catching Pokemon is a difficulty for some, but hopefully, the Pokemon GO Excellent Throw hack helps you bag your challenges. At the very least, it's more helpful than the advice from Reddit at the very least.

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