Pokemon GO events schedule for December 2023

Pokemon GO events schedule for December 2023
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Pokemon GO hosts loads of special events each month that give Trainers opportunities to catch themed Pokemon or complete research quests, so here’s the full schedule of events to look forward to in December 2023.

One of the best things about Pokemon GO is that it’s constantly updated with features to enjoy, whether that’s a new Pokemon to catch and evolve, a fresh gameplay mechanic like PokeStop Showcases, or a Timed Research quest that leads to a rare item like the Master Ball.

Alongside these new features are limited-time events that celebrate things like Christmas or Sustainability Week. Then there are the popular Spotlight Hours and Community Days that take place on a regular schedule - so there’s quite a lot to keep track of!

Pokemon GO events schedule for December 2023

Below, you’ll find the upcoming events schedule for Pokemon GO in December. We’ll keep it updated as new information gets revealed, so make sure you check back regularly.

Hisuian Samurott Raid Day (December 3)

Hisuian Samurott appearing in Pokemon GO
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A Raid Day will be taking place on December 3, this time with Hisuian Samurott making its debut as the star of the show! This powerful Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles more frequently between 2PM and 5PM.

There will be an increased chance of encountering Shiny Hisuian Samurott and you can earn five additional Raid Passes by spinning Gyms during event hours. There's also a paid-for ticket to get extra Raid Passes. 

Along the Routes event (December 5 - 8)

Routes in Pokemon GO
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No information about the Along the Routes event has been revealed yet, but it's safe to assume it will focus on the Routes feature that debuted earlier in the year and received mixed reactions from the community.

We'll update this page when we find out more about what the event entails.

Catch Mastery: Ice (December 9)

Another Catch Mastery event will take place on December 9, this one focusing on Ice-type Pokemon. These events usually put the focus on one or two Pokemon with boosted spawns and Research tasks to complete.

We'll keep this page updated once Niantic announces what the featured Pokemon are.

Adamant Time (December 11 - 15)

A mysterious event known as Adamant Time will take place mid-way through December. While no details have been revealed yet, there are already some interesting theories floating around the internet.

With the new Timeless Travels season being inspired by Pokemon Legends: Arceus, could this event focus on Diamond Clan leader Adaman? Or is it just a coincidence that their names are so similar? Let's wait and see.

Catch-Up Community Day (December 16 - 17)

A poster for the December Community Day event
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As usual, December's Community Day event will feature a roundup of every headliner from the past two years, meaning there will be 22 featured Pokemon for you to catch via wild encounters, Raids, and Eggs.

Expect boosted wild spawns for these Pokemon, higher Shiny odds, and lots of bonuses. If you evolve any of them during the event, their final evolutions will know featured attacks that are hard to get any other time.

There will also be a paid-for Community Day Special Research quest available from the in-game shop.

Winter Holiday Part 1 (December 18 - December 25)

The annual Winter Holiday event will return this month to celebrate the joy of the festive season. Expect a focus on Ice-type Pokemon, special holiday costumes, themed Raid Bosses, and more.

Winter Holiday Part 2 (December 25 - 31)

The second part of the Winter Holiday event will likely feature a different batch of wild spawns, research quests and bonuses to enjoy. We'll update this page when full details are confirmed.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours for December 2023

A question mark representing the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour
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There are four Spotlight Hours to look forward to in December:

Date Pokemon Bonus
December 5 (6PM to 7PM) Feebas 2x Catch Candy
December 12 (6PM to 7PM) Seel 2x Transfer Candy
December 19 (6PM to 7PM) Snorunt 2x Evolution XP
December 26 (6PM to 7PM) Vanillite 2x Catch Stardust

Pokemon GO Raid Hours for December 2023

Raids appearing in Pokemon Go
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There are four Raid Hours to look forward to in December:

Date Raid Boss
December 6 (6PM to 7PM) Reshiram
December 13 (6PM to 7PM) Zekrom
December 20 (6PM to 7PM) Kyurem
December 27 (6PM to 7PM) Regigigas

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO events schedule for December 2023! We’ll keep this schedule updated each month, so bookmark this page to stay in the loop.

In the meantime, why not check out our guide to Ditto’s current disguises, the current Raid Bosses you can take on, or how to get yourself a Master Ball in the game?

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