James Gunn sparks hope of Superman game from Rocksteady

James Gunn sparks hope of Superman game from Rocksteady
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18th Dec 2023 10:01

From the ashes of the Akrhamverse, Rocksteady Studios hopes to spread its (bat) wings again with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It's been eight years since the acclaimed developer last released a game (not including the VR spinoff), and while Kill the Justice League focuses on villains instead of heroes, it's still got that Rocksteady spirit.

We hope Rocksteady likes suiting up in spandex because it sounds like more comic book capers are on the horizon. Aside from 2006's Urban Chaos: Riot Response as its first title, Rocksteady has only released Arkham games, but if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

James Gunn sparks hope of Superman game from Rocksteady

Once upon a time, there were reports of Rocksteady working on a Superman game, but until this day, they've never been proven. We know the Man of Steel is out there, with Arkham Knight having a Metropolis Easter egg and a brainwashed version of Kal-El popping up in Kill the Justice League.

Posting on Twitter, DC Universe overlord James Gunn has suggested more Arkhamverse projects could be on the way. In a now-deleted tweet, the former Guardians of the Galaxy beau said there were "no plans" for Kill the Justice League to be the end of the road for the Arkhamverse.

As you can imagine, this sent fans into a frenzy - theorising what could be coming next. One shared a gif of a flying Superman and wrote, "Gunn, we all know who should be the next to have a videogame, especially with the map of metropolis already made." With KTLJ being set in Superman's stomping ground, it makes sense.

Another cheered, "Superman or The Flash, please for the love of God make a game about one of those 2 superheroes," while a third asked, "Batman arkham beyond?" Some say Gunn's words have been taken out of context, but to be honest, we'll take a slither of hope and run with it. 

Superman's murky gaming history

Superman 64 video game
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For whatever reason, it's been hard to nail a Superman game. Maybe it's because flying around as an indestructible alien gets pretty boring. Remember that the N64's Superman 64 is largely regarded as one of the worst video games of all time. Then again, like we saw Insomniac turn Spider-Man around, the Metropolis Marvel is overdue another go. 

Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav has already discussed expanding the studio's gaming output with major IPs like DC, and alongside Monolith's Wonder Woman game, Superman would be an easy sell - especially under the steam of Rocksteady. 

It ultimately depends on how Kill the Justice League performs. The 2024 title has been hit with a slew of delays and split fans with its live service elements, but with Rocksteady at the helm, there are high hopes it'll be another banger. Please get it right, then we can take flight with our underpants on over our tights.

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