Jessica Blevins Planning To Step Down As Ninja's Manager After Pokimane Legal Threats

Jessica Blevins Planning To Step Down As Ninja's Manager After Pokimane Legal Threats
Image Credit: Jennifer Blevins | Twitter | Pokimane | Twitter

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Emma Hill


7th Feb 2022 15:22

In a shock move, Jennifer Blevins has announced that she is planning to step down from her role as her husband Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' manager. The move comes following her apparent legal threats against Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys.

For those who haven’t been in the loop with the Ninja vs. Pokimane beef, here's a quick recap. In January 2022, Ninja supposedly claimed that he would do what he could to have YouTuber JiDion's ban revoked from Twitch after he sent a "hate raid" to her chat, before harassing her on social media.

After Pokimane shared a clip of Ninja supposedly messaging his Twitch representative about revoking JiDion's ban, she then revealed how she'd had a message from Ninja's manager and spouse, Jennifer Blevins. In the message, Blevins accused Pokimane of "spewing lies" to her followers and that a "legal team" had been involved.

Things then went quiet for a while on Ninja's end. However, following a long period of silence, Blevins has announced that she is preparing to step down from her role as Ninja's manager. 

Why Is Jessica Blevins Stepping Down As Ninja’s Manager?

Speaking to Sportifyit, Blevins explains she's planning to step down from her role as Ninja's manager as she is looking to build her own career. She explained: "We're realising that there will come a time, and it may come sooner rather than later, that I won't be his manager anymore. But with how much I'm doing there's going to be a time where we need to hire a manager that we can trust. Someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps team Ninja like I have done and I can focus on my own stuff and take a step back."

No one can deny that Ninja might not be as hugely popular as he is today if it wasn't thanks to the hard work of Blevins, who has helped him climb to the top spot as the most followed streamer on Twitch. However, Blevins' popularity has been steadily increasing in recent times. Not to mention, in her interview she further stated that in the past year she'd been helping to grow her own brand with "a PR team" and the Creative Arts Agency (CAA).  

How Does Ninja Feel About Jennifer Blevins Stepping Down As His Manager?

Given how Blevins has done such a great job in helping build Ninja’s brand, you would think he wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about the idea of losing her as his manager. Although, Blevins claimed: "He's super supportive. He just wants me to be happy."

As of writing, there's been no news from Pokimane about Blevins' decision. Then again, her Twitch contract did end on January 31, so things are fairly quiet on her end right now. However, as Pokimane is expected to make a big announcement on February 8, it hopefully won't be long until we hear from her again. 


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