Some adjustments have to be made if you're one less teammate.

19:00, 10 Apr 2020

With the recent Old Ways lore event update, Respawn introduce a permanent Duos mode for Apex Legends. This is a feature fans have been requesting since the beginning of the game and now it’s finally a mainstay. Though the tactical gameplay that comes with Trios isn’t totally there, Duos still requires teamwork and a flurry of other aspects. Today, we’ll be going looking at some of those aspects so that you can have the best chance of success in Apex Legends Duos. 

Ways to win in Apex Legends Duos 

Of course, the formula doesn’t change too much from Trios to Duos. You need to work off your teammate, win gunfights, and play smartly in order to win. However, Duos does present a few bigger challenges since you only have one teammate to rely on. 

For starters, dropping together is still the smartest way to begin a game. You don’t want to leave your teammate in a 1v2 off the rip, so landing in the same vicinity is the best option. Once you both have guns and shields, however, you can begin to separate a bit more.

Apex Legends Duos

Also an important aspect of Duos is picking the correct legend. A character like Crypto, for example, isn’t the best pick since his tactical ability requires him to be out of the game for half a minute at least. Sticking with the more tactical and agile legends, like Pathfinder or Wattson, will provide your team with a higher chance of success. 

In terms of the actual gameplay, not much changes from Trios. Ensure that you’re somewhat near your teammate at all times and try to pick gunfights that you have a high probability of winning. With Duos, you can pick your battles a little more aggressively since you don’t have three enemies shooting at you. 

However, you want to attempt to down one enemy at a time by putting most of your bullets into that one enemy. If you try to shoot both enemies at the same time then things could go south very quickly. 

All in all, you’re given a bit more freedom with Duos. Though, the same relative strategies can be used in both Trios and Duos. 

Images via Respawn Entertainment. 

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