GTA 6 Leaks Include Pennywise Easter Egg

GTA 6 Leaks Include Pennywise Easter Egg
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Tom Chapman


30th Sep 2022 15:54

It sounds like you'll float too when Grand Theft Auto 6 eventually releases, as a deep dive into the recent leaks has seemingly uncovered a Pennywise reference. Yes, Derry's demonic clown is ready to harvest your souls in one of the strangest GTA crossovers we've heard of.

The recent mega dump of GTA leaks confirmed long-held rumours like a Vice City return and a female protagonist, but if you dig a little deeper, there are a whole host of side-missions and bizarre Easter eggs that seemingly honour the franchise's legacy of out-there inclusions. Bigfoot might no longer be the biggest mystery on the map. 

How Is Pennywise In GTA 6?

Over on YouTube, user Strange Man has unveiled 10 "confirmed" Easter eggs that the leaks have inadvertently revealed for GTA 6. Each of them has a secretive codename, but the OP has done the work to decipher what each of them means. Before you ask, there will be a Florida version of Bigfoot, as well as those staple GTA conspiracy theories about UFOs.

As for Pennywise, the evil clown from the It movies might be hanging out in the sewers of Vice City. It's not actually Pennywise, but with the leaker claiming a terrifying voice will try and lure players down into the sewers, it's a clear nod to how the clown claimed poor Georgie Denborough in the books and movies. 

Sticking with the sinister Easter eggs, Strange Man claims there will be a Satanist's house, a haunted warehouse, and a serial killer who targets strippers. On the even more obscure side, a different warehouse will apparently be stocked with sex robots. Yep, you read that correctly. Here's hoping they don't attack you like the terrifying Criminal Enterprises mission in GTA Online


What Else Is Hiding In GTA 6?

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That's not all you can expect to find if you deviate from the main GTA 6 story. According to the video, there's something tied to a pair of Bonnie and Clyde-inspired characters, which refers to earlier leaks we heard about the protagonists being based on the criminals. Finally, the rumoured reappearance of the Cayo Perico Heist's El Rubio could be tied to a mention of "Big Cat Mansion."

Remember though, the leaked build of the game is reportedly from a few years old, so we're not sure if they'll all make the final cut when GTA 6 releases. We've already seen players try to piece together the GTA 6 map with the leaks, and as impatient players continue to dig up more dirt by the day, a rough draft of the (hopefully) chart-topping game is coming into view. With GTA 6 poised to be the most expensive game ever made, we imagine it'd cost a pretty penny(wise) to include that creepy clown in-game. 

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