In their excitement for GTA 6, fans are turning on each other

In their excitement for GTA 6, fans are turning on each other
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Joseph Kime


25th Apr 2024 11:45

As a community, Grand Theft Auto fans are pretty different from one another. Sure, everyone who plays the games has to like driving down sidewalks and robbing banks a little bit, but that's about all anyone who plays the series has in common as a basis for their relationship.

Nuanced opinions about the series differ now, just as it will when GTA 6 finally launches in 2025. In the meantime, it seems that drama has gripped players, and they're leaping down each other's throats to defend their favourite entries.

GTA fans are furious with each other

Niko Bellic points a gun in GTA 4.
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We know that Reddit isn't exactly the friendliest place on the internet, but damn. As many come to the GTA subreddit simply to talk about the upcoming GTA 6 and share their excitement for the game, it seems the weight of the franchise has gotten to some, and it's caused a bit of a ruckus.

There has been a recent influx of posts and comments from players insisting which GTA is "the best," which we know isn't that simple. There's an equal number of posts pointing out how frustrating these posts are, while there's a strange hatred toward GTA 4 at the moment. 

Gamers are taking to the subreddit to suggest that, according to user devilwearsleecooper, "with constant comparison of one game over the other and juvenile arguments and s**tting on each other, this sub is slowly turning into the talk shows you hear in GTA Radio. Y’all are being a parody of yourselves now."

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It's not a good look, especially as users are pointing at fans dunking on GTA 4 for bringing down the atmosphere. With such a huge melting pot as the GTA franchise to encompass a community, it's hard to imagine that things in an online hub like this could be any better.

After all, if shooting prostitutes and driving over pedestrians is what some people do for fun, we can't expect too much from them in the mutual respect department. Either way, we should probably cut GTA 4 fans some slack and GTA 4 fans should probably stop getting so hot under the collar.

Joseph Kime
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