GTA 6 Map Pieced Together From Leaks

GTA 6 Map Pieced Together From Leaks
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23rd Sep 2022 11:55

The massive Rockstar Games leak is the gift that keeps on giving, as fans have now managed to piece together the GTA 6 map based on what's made its way online. 2022 will be one for the history books - remembered as the year that Rockstar and GTA were subject to one of the biggest gaming hacks of all time.

This year saw Rockstar finally announce GTA 6, which came as no real surprise because we always knew it was on the way. For many though, development hasn't been quick enough. There's still no concrete GTA 6 release date, and with this in mind, hackers have taken things into their own hands. 

What Does The GTA 6 Map Look Like?

GTA Vice City Map
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As reported by Kotaku, sleuthy gamers are taking matters into their own hands and mapping GTA 6 for themselves. Over 90 screenshots and videos were leaked - confirming major features like a female protagonist and a return to the fan-favourite Vice City. This GTA 6 map build is an impressive one that has started doing the rounds on the likes of the GTA Forums

So as not to be struck down by the might of Take-Two Interactive's lawyers, gamers are using images from Google Earth instead of actual screenshots, then add landmarks and other locations by crudely using MS Paint. We don't want to get struck with a DCMA takedown either, but if you keep scrolling or do a quick search of "GTA 6 map," it's right there for you. Also, Discord is becoming a popular choice for fans to share screenshots away from prying eyes freely.

Back before GTA V was released in 2013, similar efforts combed through the various trailers and promo materials to construct a map, which ended up looking almost identical to the actual map released. It's arguably even easier this time around because so much has been leaked so early on. Of course, we're likely a way off from finding how close to the finished product we actually are.


What's Next For GTA 6?

GTA 6 Map
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Map builds are all well and good, but with claims the leaks come from an in-development build that could be from 2020, bear in mind things have likely changed since then. Rockstar acknowledged the leaks and seemingly confirmed they're the real deal. The developer said that it shouldn't affect the game's progress, so we guess we're still on track for whatever release date Rockstar had in mind. 

The story doesn't end here, though. As well as reports a 16-year-old was behind the hack, others claim the leaker is now trying to negotiate a deal with Rockstar - suggesting there could be more info out there. Be careful, the FBI has now waded into the drama to try and track them down. All this drama sounds like an actual plot you'd find in a GTA game. 

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