Steven Ogg discusses GTA V’s axed ‘James Bond Trevor’ DLC

Steven Ogg discusses GTA V’s axed ‘James Bond Trevor’ DLC
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23rd Apr 2024 11:03

There are some weird and wonderful legends from the world of Grand Theft Auto, but up there with Bigfoot, underwater hatches, and whatever is going on at Mt. Chiliad, one of GTA V's biggest mysteries is what happened to the game's single-player DLCs?

Following the runaway success of GTA IV's The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony DLCs, there was obvious disappointment that the next game didn't give us much after the final credits rolled. We've had various updates to GTA Online to fill in the gaps, but many missed the traditional DLC structure.

Steven Ogg reveals all about Agent Trevor

One of the most tantalising teases is 'Agent Trevor', a canned DLC focused on Steven Ogg's unhinged protagonist. We've heard about Agent Trevor before, and now, Ogg himself is here to shed a little more light on what could've been.

Speaking during a recent Q&A with Streamily (jump to 26:22), Ogg, Ned Luke (Michael) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) discussed the DLC plans. "We also had that really cool sh*t...I forget if it was DLC, I have no idea, but where Trevor was gonna be undercover," says Ogg.

Expanding on what we could've had, Ogg continued, "He works for the Feds, and we we did shoot some of that stuff with like James Bond Trevor. He's still kind of a f**kup, but he's doing his best to pretend."

Ogg admitted, "We shot some stuff" but says it disappeared. He said that while it was never followed up on, he thought it "would be cool," while Luke explains that things pivoted to GTA Online instead. If the idea of Trevor the spy sounds a little familiar, it's because GTA V's canned single-player DLC could've tied into another axed project. 

A crossover with Agent

Rockstar Games Agent concept art
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Image via Rockstar Games

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Agent Trevor was one of three proposed story DLCs, with another being an alien invasion (presumably tying into Mt. Chiliad), and a zombie DLC inspired by Red Dead's Undead Nightmare. Agent Trevor is the most talked about, although it's possible it would've been linked to Rockstar's video game, Agent. 

Originally announced in 2009, Agent was going to be a spy game set in the Cold War. Similar to how Bully adapted GTA's mechanics into a school setting, Agent was going to parody spy movies, while former Rockstar North Technical Director Obbe Vermeij recently gave the scoop on the Agent and main character, Jimmy. 

Despite Agent's period setting, it's perfectly possible that some of the characters could've appeared in Agent Trevor. Sadly, Rockstar put all its efforts into GTA V and Agent never came to pass. Despite numerous trademark renewals, it was finally put out of its misery in 2021.

It's a shame that both Agent and Agent Trevor never came to pass, but if Ogg is finally back talking about GTA after giving it a sometimes frosty reception, it stokes the rumours that he could return in GTA 6. Imagine if the next game manages to bring back Ogg AND resurrect Agent Trevor. Oh well, we can dream. 

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