GTA 6 fans create ingenious way to honour the older games

GTA 6 fans create ingenious way to honour the older games
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6th Jun 2024 17:09

It's all changing in the Grand Theft Auto universe, and while Trevor, Franklin, and Michael had a good run, it's time for them to step aside. Lucia and Jason (we assume that's his name) are ready to step up to the plate and join the hallowed halls of GTA's morally complex protagonists. 

While the early days of GTA weren't exactly known for their well-rounded characters, Rockstar has since upped the ante. Even the silent Claude has a lot of fans, while the likes of Tommy, CJ, and Niko undoubtedly paved the way for GTA V's trifecta of career criminals. But, will anyone return in GTA 6

GTA fans have the perfect way to honour the franchise's protagonists

We're heading back to Vice City in GTA 6, and with us once again treading the boards of Tommy Vercetti's old stomping ground, we're at least expecting a nod to GTA: Vice City's beloved protagonist. Sadly, the tragic passing of Ray Liotta means we'd need a recast if Tommy is going to appear in GTA 6 physically.

Elsewhere, we know Michael actor Ned Luke is still close to the franchise and has previously called GTA 6 'woke' complainers "clowns". As for the rest, Rockstar confirmed Claude is still around, Niko is mentioned several times in GTA V, and CJ is MIA but presumably living the high life.

While some don't want any of the previous protagonists to appear for fear it will take away from Lucia and Jason, others think it will be the more the merrier. Like someone came up with a great way to honour Tommy, another GTA player has an ingenious way to give the nod to the old guard. 

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Over on the GTA Reddit u/Reythemellow suggested a series of outfits that honour each of the other protagonists. Tommy's Hawaiian shirt, Niko's bomber, Claude's leather jacket. GTA Online tried its own take on legacy outfits, although the OP doesn't want GTA 6 to lock them behind menial tasks.

Loving the idea of honouring the classics without directly including them, one fan cheered, "OMG it would be LIT if they had Tommy’s outfit somewhere as an Easter egg!!!!" Another added, "Agreed, they added Max Payne's Hawaiian shirt to V but it was unbuttoned, so I see no reason for them to not have legacy outfits."

Someone else gave the nod to Red Dead Redemption and concluded, "Only two things that must be in the game. Arthur's Hat and Tommy's Hawaiian Shirt." It seems that Rockstar can't escape the past when it comes to GTA 6, and that can go in two directions. Either fight against your history or move with the times and make bank at the same time. It's what Tommy would've wanted. 

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