GTA 6 players want it to include a Red Dead-inspired honour system

GTA 6 players want it to include a Red Dead-inspired honour system
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11th Apr 2024 13:20

If you're a Grand Theft Auto player, chances are that you're starting to get seriously itchy. It's been too long since Rockstar Games changed the gaming world by dropping the first GTA 6 trailer, and though it's a great reflection of the shenanigans that lie in wait across Vice City, players want more.

Plenty of theories have spread across the game's community, especially regarding the voice actors who are quietly attached to the game, but they're also wondering what's coming in GTA 6 overall. Now, players are wondering if the standard structure of misdeeds are coming in a post-Red Dead world.

Players pitch a GTA 6 honour system

GTA 6 fans have come together to ask whether GTA 6 has moved on from a morality system that's tethered to the law of the land. It's especially after the changes that Red Dead Redemption 2 delivered when we led Arthur Morgan down a darker path.

User NikTek asked whether GTA 6 should adopt a RDR2-inspired Honor Level System, where your actions affect the outcome of the story. They mused, "Say for example Rockstar Games calls this ‘The Bond Level’ where Lucia and Jason have this level of bond between themselves and each action throughout the story either lowers it or increases it."

In this scenario, the story could branch off in different directions and deliver multiple endings that the OP says "would give GTA 6 a new level of depth entirely depended on how the Player chooses to act with the main protagonists." However, it seems some have misread the tweet, with the OP imagining this only working between Lucia and Jason. 

It's a fair theory, especially considering how Red Dead Redemption 2 placed a much more dramatic emphasis on Arthur's connection to his fellow campmates. Perhaps Vice City's playground could become the jumping-off point for more intimate Rockstar storytelling.

Players react to potential honour system in GTA 6

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Fans have taken to the replies to add that they could be convinced by the game's step up in storytelling. Others come to the game to be terrible people and don't want to face the consequences of being judged by their NPC partner after a shooting spree or reckless driving.

One said, "In a game about committing crimes... No please," while another added, "I would like it but it's not really a gta thing, only been in the red dead games." One supporter cheered, "That's really good. Even if you do 3 choices for an ending you can get 6 endings, with both high and low bonds for each of them."

It's an interesting take either way, and it's certainly got us thinking about the differences to the GTA franchise after the huge alterations made in Red Dead Redemption 2. As long as we don't have to sit around waiting for Lucia to skin a boar, we're sure it’ll be fine.

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