PC players are switching to console just for GTA 6

PC players are switching to console just for GTA 6
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26th Apr 2024 15:49

Whether you're a Grand Theft Auto fan or not, there's no escaping the fact that GTA 6 will likely be the biggest video game of all time - after all, 2013's GTA V stands as the most profitable entertainment product of all time. With this, you'd think that Rockstar Games would want to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Although Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive have reportedly locked in a 2025 release date, it's left question marks over what platforms GTA 6 will be released on. Will we be limited to PS5 and Xbox Series, or will Microsoft and Sony have released their 'next' next-gen consoles by then?

PC players are buying consoles to play GTA 6


There's also the looming question of GTA 6's PC release. Everyone has gone quiet on when/if the automotive adventure will be released on PC, and like PC players had to wait until 2015 to play GTA V, the idea of missing out on years of content is one not worth thinking about.

Over on Reddit, u/liamt12 asked whether you'll be waiting patiently to enjoy the full PC experience. While the first GTA 6 trailer suggests it'll look like a suitably technologically advanced game, even the most sophisticated consoles lack the grunt that an expensive PC can deliver. So, do you wait, or do you succumb to the console wars?

Although some said they'd sit it out and claim it's as easy as muting a few Reddit threads or words on X to avoid spoilers (year right), others admitted they'll be buying a PlayStation or Xbox to get in on the action from day one. In fact, some say they've already bought on in fear of prices going up.

One fan said, "I will buy a whole f*****g ps5 only for this game alone!," while another added, "I'm buying a PS5 shortly before launch to play it. I mean there’s a few other games I’m buying a PS5 for as well so it’s not just for GTA 6 but yh."

Others disagreed as someone else said, "I'm not about to buy a console for one game, no matter what it is. It sucks, but ce la vie," and another concluded, "I am going to be a dumb ass and buy a shitty console to play it. Then buy it again for my PC. lol Stupid."

PS5 Pro could celebrate the launch of GTA 6

GTA 6 Vice City sign
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Image via Rockstar Games

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It wasn't long ago that we heard about Sony holding an ace up its sleeve in the form of the long-rumoured PS5 Pro. While it's likely too early for the PS6, a souped-up console would be the perfect way to honour GTA 6. Pair the biggest game of all time with a new PlayStation, and it sounds like a licence to print money.

Worryingly, former Rockstar Animator Mike York claimed that the developer doesn't have the money to release GTA 6 on PC and will simply put all its efforts into console. We know PC ports tend to take the backseat in terms of priority, but you only have to look at the Steam charts to see GTA V still sitting pretty.

We can't imagine a world where GTA 6 doesn't release on PC, but at the same time, we'd imagine you'll be facing one hell of a wait until it gets there. As GTA 6 races toward the finish line, remember how things can change in the blink of an eye in the ever-fickle gaming industry.

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