GTA Online Reportedly Adding UFOs To Reveal GTA 6 In 2022

GTA Online Reportedly Adding UFOs To Reveal GTA 6 In 2022
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


23rd Aug 2022 12:05

As The X-Files told us, "The truth is out there." And now, if you're looking for answers about what's going on with Grand Theft Auto 6, you might want to jump into San Andreas with GTA Online. While we've always associated Rockstar Games' online multiplayer with GTA V (because it was a spin-off), we could be on the money with theories it'll be your go-to for all things GTA 6.

Much like we're waiting for the OG Call of Duty: Warzone to step aside for 2022's Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 to be joined at the hip, there are questions about what's next for GTA Online. The idea of Online 2 is all well and good, but most likely, we'll see the service evolve into something tied to GTA 6. Now, we're told things could be changing a little sooner than expected.

Will GTA Online Reveal GTA 6?

Games like Apex LegendsFortnite, and Warzone have all jumped in on the Halloween hype, and while GTA Online has done the same, it's 2022's spooky spectacular could be one to watch. According to noted leaker Tez2 (via Dexerto), the mystery of the GTA Trilogy's UFO picture will be solved in GTA Online, and finally, reveal whether it's a nod to GTA 6

Last November, we reported on how players thought they'd found a tease of GTA 6 in Grove Street Games' maligned GTA Trilogy. If you head to San Andreas' Lil' Probe Inn, there's a display of UFO snaps and a singular snap of a mysterious house that no one had seen before. Players figured out that it's in Florida, which further leans on the idea we'll be getting a return to the fan-favourite Vice City.

Writing on the GTAForums, Tez2 explained how UFOs are going to return to GTA Online for Halloween 2022. Putting the pieces together, they added: "There's no in-game hint towards GTA 6 within GTA Online files. Rockstar is cautious enough not to do that. But the hint may arrive within the tweet Rockstar will prepare to talk about the UFOs happening on GTA Online."


Are UFOs Coming Back To GTA Online?

In 2021, there was a limited-time event that saw the skies about San Andreas packed with UFOs between certain times of the day. Tez2 has a sometimes sketchy history of GTA leaks, but UFOs returning looks like it'll be an annual event. Even though there have been whispers that GTA 6 is being accelerated for release, even a GTA Online teaser would only be the first wink toward Rockstar's next juggernaut.

Tez2 says we might get a newspaper clipping similar to the one above. This time though, Tez2 said there might be a small advert beneath "suggesting tropical storms in two days or something like that. Thus hinting at GTA 6's announcement." We've previously heard about GTA 6 teasers appearing in GTA Online, but as they've never turned into anything, we'll err on the side of caution with this one. 

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