GTA 6 Leaks Claim It's The Most Expensive Game Ever Made

GTA 6 Leaks Claim It's The Most Expensive Game Ever Made
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Tom Chapman


28th Sep 2022 11:54

In a plot pulled from the start of Grand Thet Auto V, it sounds like spiralling budgets mean Rockstar Games might have to rob a bank to fund GTA 6. The long-awaited outings is officially in the works, but with reports of an eye-watering budget, the next GTA could be the biggest game of all time - in every sense.

From the humble roots of DMA Design's top-down Grand Theft Auto, the tiny GTA acorn has grown to be a juggernaut. Up there with The Elder ScrollsCall of Duty, and PokemonGTA arguably outshines all of these due to the sheer amount of money it makes. That's good news, especially considering what GTA 6 could cost.

Will GTA 6 Be The Most Expensive Game Ever Made?

The recent GTA 6 hacks may have turned up over 90 screenshots and videos to confirm previous leaks like a female protagonist and Vice City return, but they've also unearthed some interesting stats on what Rockstar has potentially spent on the project.

A 17-year-old male has been arrested in the United Kingdom and is currently facing charges for the hack, despite pleading not guilty. Elsewhere, a series of DMs between the supposed leaker and a third party claim that development on GTA 6 has been in the works since 2014, with an allocated budget of $2 billion from parent company Take-Two Interactive. 

It's a truly eye-watering figure to try and wrap our heads around. If all of the above is to believed, it could set a mind-boggling precedent for the future of gaming. Justifying the budget, @DeekeTweak explained how the money could be allocated. As well as multi-year support of the base game, there's marketing, publishing, and distribution. All of this comes before additional content, however, he thinks the bulk of this could be helping bridge the gap between the current GTA Online and a GTA 6 variant. 


What's Going On With GTA 6?

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There are a lot of numbers flying around right now, and it's unclear whether the $2 billion has already been spent, is a proposed figure for total spend, or is completely off the mark. The ballpark figure for GTA V's spend was around $247 million (as the most expensive game ever made at the time), but nothing was ever confirmed. In official figures, Cyberpunk 2077 cost $316 million to make and Star Citizen is over $400 million. 

A jump from these numbers to $2 billion is a baffling leap, but with nine years since GTA V, and reports of a troubled GTA 6 development, it could be the real deal. If we do accept that $2 billion is the budget for GTA 6, you can only imagine what it will be for a mythical GTA 7 - assuming this game is a hit. Then again, with GTA V and GTA Online going on to be the most profitable entertainment product of all time and clearing over $6 billion, what's a casual $2 billion between pals? 

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