Everything we know about GTA 6, including setting, characters, platforms & release window

Everything we know about GTA 6, including setting, characters, platforms & release window
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With the GTA 6 trailer now out in the world (albeit a little earlier than everyone expected), we're one step closer to perhaps the most anticipated game of the current generation - so we've got everything here that you'll need to know, from the release window to an early look at the characters.

GTA 6 is finally official, and from rumours of a female protagonist to a Vice City return, the years of waiting have turned up some interesting snippets relating to the next entry. After years of Rockstar playing its cards close to its chest, the time is nigh and the game is on its way.

When is GTA 6 coming?

While we're yet to see a full date, the trailer and key art indicate that GTA 6 will be released in 2025. That may still be a couple of years away at the time of writing, and it shows that a great deal of development is still ongoing, but with 2023 drawing to a close, it's certainly closer than it feels.

GTA 6 trailers

Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer for GTA 6 was released on December 4, 2023 and gave us our first glimpse at what to expect from the highly anticipated game. The trailer was released early, however, as a result of a significant leak that saw it make its way to X (formerly Twitter) before its intended time.

Never one to have the show stolen from them, Rockstar decided to take matters into its own hands, as you'll see in the post above and released the trailer early for all to enjoy on its YouTube channel.

What platforms will GTA 6 be on?

For the time being, it looks as if GTA 6 will be on Xbox and PlayStation. However, it doesn't look like it will be on PC at launch, with a press release only naming the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 when the game releases in 2025.

Where is GTA 6 set?

Vice City, as it appears in GTA 6
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From the trailer, GTA 6 looks set to return to a familiar location, with Vice City landmarks and areas making an appearance, albeit with a lot more polish than its PS2 progenitor. Previously, a job listing explained that destructible skyscrapers, hurricanes and alligators, and visible insects would all be prevalent, indicating a return to Florida.

Vice City was originally set in a fictionalised version of Florida, and given the size of the Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 maps, we may be seeing an expanded look at the fan-favourite location.

Who are the main characters in GTA 6?

Jason and Lucia committing a crime in GTA 6
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Judging by the trailer and key art, GTA 6 will have two protagonists: Lucia and Jason in a Bonnie and Clyde scenario that will see them embarking on a crime spree together.

Lucia is the first character we see in the trailer, perhaps indicating a larger part of the story for her, particularly as she is being questioned about the direction of her life while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Do we know anything about GTA 6's story?

Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City merged with key art for Archer Vice
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Since the release of the trailer, it's looking more than likely that we'll be in much more familiar territory with the reappearance of GTA: Vice City. The 2002 game is held by many as the best GTA game there is, with the Miami-inspired Vice City and its '80s soundtrack giving us a pastel-soaked dream for the ages.

However, instead of continuing the story of Tommy Vercetti in the aftermath of Vice City, all signs point to a modern interpretation of the city that would allow the franchise to keep its modern mechanics and Online potential. Alongside the main GTA series, the Online component that came with GTA V has helped the 2013 game become the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

With the trailer showing off plenty of social media feeds alongside Jason and Lucia's Bonnie and Clyde-like escapades, we could be seeing a critique of influencer culture that would reflect this modern-day interpretation.

Safe to say, the world will be watching as it anticipates possibly one of the biggest games of the decade.

That is everything we currently know about GTA 6 so far since the official reveal of the trailer. For more getting ahead in GTA V in the meantime, check out the list of GTA Online Treasure Hunt locations or if GTA Online has crossplay or cross-progression if you're playing on different platforms. Alternatively, check out out Grand Theft Auto guides homepage for even more updates.

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