GTA 6 players come up with the perfect way to honour Tommy Vercetti

GTA 6 players come up with the perfect way to honour Tommy Vercetti
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15th Apr 2024 12:00

There are plenty of questions surrounding the next Grand Theft Auto, and while the game's first trailer was supposed to clear some of them up, it's only left us begging for more answers. We've had over a decade to wait since GTA V was released, and with GTA 6 coming in 2025, we've got a little longer to speculate. 

Despite a slew of GTA 6 leaks ruining surprises like a male and female protagonist and a return to Vice City long before the first trailer released, it's clear there are still plenty of secrets to uncover. While we're in a whole different era to the OG Vice City, fans have come up with the perfect way to honour the cult classic. 

GTA 6 fans have the perfect Tommy Vercetti tribute 

Over on Reddit, players are speculating about whether Tommy Vercetti could appear in GTA 6. Vice City was set in 1986, and according to the official strategy guide, he was 35 at the time. With GTA 6 releasing in 2025 and expected to be set around this time, it would put an aged Tommy at 74 if we was still alive.

Rather than having Tommy appear, Redditors have their own idea for a Tommy Easter egg, featuring a skeleton wearing a Hawaiian shirt, bobbing in the water. This is its own joke due to the fact that Vice City didn't let Tommy swim (introducing a swim mechanic in San Andreas).

Others shared their own ideas for how Tommy could be honoured, with another adding, "It would be amazing if he were the main villain." One person suggested he could now be Mayor of Vice City, while another said we should have his shirt as a clothing option for Lucia and her playable partner. 

Tommy's potential return comes after fans think they spotted Tommy's mansion in the GTA 6 trailer, hinting at his appearance. It's all speculation for now, but with it being entirely possible that Tommy is still sipping piña coladas on the Vice City beaches, it would be a shame if we didn't at least get an update on his fate. 

The GTA V protagonists could be back for more

GTA V protagonists
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Aside from Tommy, there are obvious questions about who else could return. Rockstar has confirmed GTA III's Claude isn't dead, while the whereabouts of San Andreas' CJ are currently unknown. GTA IV's fan-favourite Niko Bellic is mentioned several times in GTA V and GTA Online, leading to theories some or all of these will appear in GTA 6.

The most prevalent theory is that the trio of Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno, and Steven Ogg will reprise their roles as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor from GTA V. In particular, Luke has stuck close to the series, calling out "woke clowns" who have a problem with GTA 6's Lucia. 

Like GTA V has plenty of nods to previous entries, we at least expect ties to the franchise's history. Whether Tommy or any of the other protagonists appear remains to be seen, but remember, it's over to Lucia and her mystery partner to take the baton and spearhead this new era of GTA.

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