Everyone Wants To Eat The Pokemon Fidough, But He'd Be Disgusting

Everyone Wants To Eat The Pokemon Fidough, But He'd Be Disgusting
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4th Aug 2022 15:49

The recent Pokemon Presents was pretty uneventful, unless you were in it exclusively for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet news. Then it was very eventful.

The game had a lot to reveal, showing off that the new legendary Pokemon are entirely rideable flying motorbikes(?), and that a new battle gimmick is on its way in the shape of Terrastallizing.

Plus, along with meeting some new characters, we got a good look at some new Pokemon along the way. They look typically fascinating and adorable - but there's one Pokemon that seems to have caught players' eye. But not for the right reasons, mind you.

Pokemon Fans Want To Eat Fidough

One of the main points of interest in the teaser for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was Fidough, the adorable puppy Pokemon that can be seen napping on a Cafe countertop and running down a road with pals in tow. The real kicker with Fidough isn't that he's just a sweet little pup - it's that he looks like a mound of dough, like a bagel yet to be baked.

According to Pokemon, the wee guy has "smooth, moist skin with elastic qualities. They intimidate their opponents by puffing up their bodies to appear bigger." So made with self-raising flour, we presume?

The little fella is adorable, and so far, he's spawned a nearly unbelievable amount of fan art already. He's the new Lechonk for many, the absolute star of the show - but some people might be taking the whole "dough" thing a little too literally.

Fans Want To Eat Fidough, But He'd Be Gross

It looks like players are taking to Twitter to reveal just how delicious they think the little guy would be simply to pick up and scran. It's natural, of course - a lot of food-based Pokemon (and even the ones that aren't - Roselia, we're looking at you) are put straight on the mental menu when they show up, and knowing just how great baked goods can be, it's hard to be surprised that people fancy taking a bite out of pup.


But what they don't know is that the yeasty boy has the ability to ferment things with his gob alone, as revealed by the games' site. "Fidough ferments things in its vicinity using the yeast in its breath," it reads. "Said yeast is useful for cooking, so this Pokemon has been protected by people since long ago."

This means that the best case scenario is that this is a magical reaction of some sort - but the other suggests that there's some kind of gland or organ somewhere in Fidough that creates this process, meaning that simply scranning the little guy would be nasty. That's not even mentioning that the moistness implied by his bio means that he's uncooked, suggesting that eating him would be like eating an uncooked bread roll containing a boba ball full of industrial-strength kombucha.

Please Don't Eat Fidough

Everyone Wants To Eat The Pokemon Fidough, But He'd Be Disgusting
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We'll ask you nicely - please don't eat the uncooked bagel dog. Even though we're keen to drink whatever Elden Ring's pot man holds inside him, we draw the line at baked goods that haven't been baked. Plus, if you're going into Pokemon with the sole intention of eating something, it might be worth making the switch to something like Cooking Mama.

We know it's alluring, just as it's alluring to snaffle a Cherubi or Vanillice, but don't eat Fidough. Just think of the tummy aches. Oh god, the tummy aches.

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