EA FC 24 creates the best defender of all time for Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 creates the best defender of all time for Ultimate Team

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Jack Marsh


15th Sep 2023 17:45

Few players have ever been added to Ultimate Team with all six of their base gold card stats being over 80.

The feat is dubbed "Gullit Gang" after Ruud Gullit's legendary icon card which first boasted this feat. But nowadays, this accomplishment is much more common, and now even defenders are joining the elite club.

That's right, EA FC 24 is honouring a defender into Gullit Gang this year, as she is being dubbed as the best defender card of all time.

Barcelona Defender Rolfo blessed with incredible stats for EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

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FC Barcelona left-back Fridolina Rolfö has smashed her EA FC 24 rating, as she's been awarded 80+ stats in all areas, including shooting, which is unheard of as a defender.

Blessed with 82 pace, shooting, and passing, 87 dribbling, 83 defending, and 80 physicality, Rolfo has become the best all-round defender ever.

Combined with some of her Barcelona teammates, including the highest-rated player on the game Alexia Putellas, Rolfo could be a perfect addition to your Ultimate Team, especially with a pace-enhancing Chemistry style.

Rolfo dubbed as the 'best defender' card of all time in Ultimate Team


Rolfo's LB card has now rivalled all of the great full-backs of the ages gone by, including stars like Jordi Alba, Joao Cancelo, and Dani Alves.

"For the first time in Ultimate Team history a base gold defender is Gullit gang," one fan said, with another saying that she's the "best all-round defender card ever".

"She can actually play anywhere. I'm so hyped to try out the new women," one fan added.

"At this rate I might as well make a full Barcelona team," another fan added, pointing out that the women players will be running Ultimate Team this year.

Some more established players have hit back though, throwing classic names such as Maicon into the mix, who was never inducted with 80+ base stats but was undoubtedly a legend of the Ultimate Team era with his 92-rated in-form back in FIFA 10.

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