EA FC 24 starter teams prove women will run Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 starter teams prove women will run Ultimate Team
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Jack Marsh


14th Sep 2023 10:50

Here come the girls. EA FC 24 is just around the bend, and thoughts now might be moving away from your end-game 99-rated squads to the base golds that embrace a new era of Ultimate Team.

Now, following the release of the most gold players' stats, starter teams are beginning to be formed. From the early looks at what's happening on the pitch, it's clear that women are dominating.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team favours women players from kick-off

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It's already been proven that the best player in the game will be a woman on Ultimate Team, as FC Barcelona's Alexia Putellas starts off at 91-rated, in esteemed company alongside Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, and Kevin De Bruyne.

But what's equally as impressive as her stats is that of teammate Aitana Bonmatí, who comes in at 90-rated and boasts a perfect RW-ST combination at the top of most players' ideal squads.

Aside from maybe the Mbappe-Dembele-Muani trio, most high-rated perfect links come in the form of women's players, and Ultimate Team's early days will see many all-female squads come to fruition.

Early frontrunners show how good women will be on EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

A range of top-tier players have already been unearthed for EA FC 24, and it's not just the elite women who are shining, but even those golden nuggets at 83 and 84 rated who will slip straight into starter squads are now being mined.

Ligue 1 looks blessed with French midfielders that will be chemistry heaven for players, with Majri being a 5-star skill CM, and Osholala proving to be a dynamic rock in the centre of the park.

On top of that, La Liga also appears to boast some amazing forwards at easily affordable rates, as the likes of Kundananji are blessed with 91 pace and 87 physical.

So, it really is girl-power for Ultimate Team at the start of the season, and you might benefit by leaning into the female league's addition for the first time, rather than placing faith in the tied men.

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