Players slam 'predatory' surprise EA FC 24 store update

Players slam 'predatory' surprise EA FC 24 store update
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Megan Cooke


26th Nov 2023 23:17

A recent update to EA FC 24 has changed how the Ultimate Team store is displayed, however some players feel like it is more predatory than ever before.

The curated packs are designed to show players items they may be more interested in, however some think they are predominantly being shown more expensive packs.

EA FC players think the latest update to the store feels predatory




Despite the update to the Ultimate Team store being intended to help players find packs more suited to them, EA FC players are disappointed in the update.

A reddit thread posted to the EASportsFC subreddit on the topic of the update said: “A more curated experience… by now putting expensive packs further up and less expensive ones down below. Thanks EA. I haven’t spent a dime on FC Points yet it recommends me to get 30$ ones.”

Several players have noted that the packs being pushed at the top of the store are more expensive than usual, and that cheaper packs have been moved to the bottom.

One user wrote: “So basically we've updated the game to try and individually prey on users in a targeted way to extract the most money from them.”

Another said: “Bronze pack moved to the bottom. I see you EA.”

Some players are concerned that this could lead to those who struggle not to spend money in game paying more than usual.

A Reddit user said: “So those that spend fifa points will be pummelled with shiny special packs to break their bank balance. If only they invested the money in improving the game and not the shareholders pockets.”

EA has denied the store recommending packs based on price




In a statement to VG247, EA denied that the new curation prioritises packs based on their price.

An EA spokesperson said that the Ultimate Team store update means that the "order of which packs may be displayed may differ from player to player and it is not related to price point or pack value."

Only time will tell whether or not the store is pushing expensive packs or if it only seems that way at the moment.

Perhaps users who often purchase cheaper packs will be seeing those at the top of their store page.

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