EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry explained, from Icon links to women's players

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry explained, from Icon links to women's players
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3rd Oct 2023 15:19


While it largely follows the same system as last year, understanding chemistry in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team can still be a challenge for many - especially with the addition of women's players and the overhaul of Icon links.

What was once a system dominated by lines and proximity is now based on points, and while it is technically easier to build a wider variety of teams in EA FC, it is often tough to understand where you can get extra chem points from.

While the game does help you out with handy graphics - they are relatively hidden and you still need to understand how the overall system works to take advantage of it.

So, continue reading to find out more about chemistry in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, as we've got everything that you need to know to become a hybrid squad master below.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry explained

Image of a squad with full chemistry in EA FC 24
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Chemistry in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is a three-point system that gives each card stat boosts the more chemistry they have. Chemistry is gained by having players of the same nation, league, or club - with each building up to achieve a maximum of three points given.

Unlike the chemistry system of old that required proximity to link players, every player in the starting eleven contributes to the overall chemistry of the squad - letting you be much more flexible with your overall squad building if you know what you're doing.

A player needs to be in the correct position in order to gain chemistry and contribute to the overall chemistry of the squad - so make sure that all of your cards are exactly where they need to be.

Managers should also be employed to increase your overall squad chemistry, as their nation and applied league will add an extra player to your overall total.

Chemistry points are earned in the following fashion:

Chemistry Type One Point Two Points Three Points
Club Two Players Four Players Seven Players
League Three Players Five Players Eight Players
Nation Two Players Five Players Eight Players

One key thing to remember is that these three points will build simultaneously. So, if you have three players from the same club and nation, they will all have full chemistry and they meet the minimum requirements for one point in each category.

If you're looking to get two players on maximum chemistry in isolation, then the easiest way to do this is to have them be from the same club and nation, and then have a manager with the same league. This will give both of them three chemistry, allowing you to be flexible with the rest of your squad.

How does Icon chemistry work in EA FC 24?

Image of Mia Hamm in EA FC 24
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Icon chemistry has been adjusted in EA FC 24, as Icons now give an additional player boost to their nationality and every league in your squad. While this will not give a whole chemistry point on its own, it can easily push many of your squad to the next level and make building complex hybrids a lot easier.

For example, having four players split across two leagues would before give you no points towards their overall chemistry, but in EA FC 24 if you add an icon then each of the players will now gain a point towards their league total.

Furthermore, Icons - much like Heroes - will always have full chemistry, so you don't have to worry about linking them into your preexisting leagues and nations.

This makes using your favourite iconic cards easier than ever, and you never have to worry about them not playing to their full potential in your squad.

This is one of the changes that I am most happy with in EA FC 24, as Icons are some of my favourite players to use in the Ultimate Team mode.

Being able to fit any of my favourite retired players into my squad and have them boost chemistry is fantastic news. I hope that it increases their viability across the entire game cycle.

How does women's chemistry work in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? 

Player taking down the ball in FC 24
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Chemistry for women in EA FC 24 works largely the same as the men as they will link to players within their respective leagues, but they will gain nationality and club points with men's players too.

This is, of course, only relevant for clubs that have simultaneous men's and women's teams - so NWSL clubs are exempt from this.

This can make it much easier to link players across both the men's and women's games though - as you can suddenly create a squad with some of the best players in every position like Rolfo, Kounde, Putellas, and Lewandowski to benefit from their shared chemistry.

That is all you need to know about the chemistry changes arriving in FC 24 when it releases soon. If you can't wait for the game, then make sure you give our hands-on EA FC 24 preview a read. 

Make sure to check out our EA FC homepage for all of the latest news and guides surrounding the newest instalment in EA's long-running football series, or use all of the best custom tactics in EA FC 24 to win more games with your perfectly build squad.

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