EA FC could be adding players to the store as early as this month

EA FC could be adding players to the store as early as this month

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Jack Marsh


9th Nov 2023 17:24

EA FC 24's transition towards an NBA 2K-like market and the abolishment of trading appears to be on the cards, as leaks are suggesting that players are set to be sold in the store.

EA recently changed NBA 2K's Ultimate Team-comparative mode to pivot away from just pack-selling by adding players straight to the store.

And, now an FC 24 leaker has claimed its coming to EA's football series too.

EA FC leaks point towards in-store players being sold for FC Points

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Previously, players thought that the new Evolutions system had the ulterior motive of being the end of trading, allowing you to upgrade your own players instead of buying them, but a new leak has claimed that EA intends to add players to the Store.

This differs from buying and selling players on the Market and will directly put your coins and FC Points money back into the hands of the developers.

Similarly to 2K, "SAF_Boss" has claimed that new Promotional Ultimate Team Cards will be added to the Store and can be bought with FC Points, which will save players having to gamble on packs to generate coins, and you can just openly pay to win.

When could in-store players be added to EA FC?


According to SAF_Boss, who leaked this change, Promotional Cards could be added to the Store as early as the Triple Threat event that is on the way.

The Triple Threat promo is set to be released on Friday, November 10, and will take over from Centurions.

This promotion appears to be a brand-new event in FIFA / EA FC and appears to follow a Dynamic Duos concept but with the addition of a League-specific Hero. Early examples of who will be in the promo include Aston Villa and France duo Moussa Diaby and Boubacar Kamara alongside a Premier League David Ginola card.

Instead of SBCs though, they will be pack-based players, with the exception of in-store possibilities.

This move is something that EA FC fans guessed was on the horizon, but it comes with reluctance and scepticism; on the one hand, it limits the pack gambling, while on the other, it's openly a pay to win title.

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