A new EA FC 24 glitch is doubling goals in Division Rivals

A new EA FC 24 glitch is doubling goals in Division Rivals
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31st Jan 2024 17:50

EA FC 24 has quickly turned from quite the anxious wait for the Team of the Year to a complete disaster class, as Ultimate Team has broken down with glitches slipping through the goalie's fingers time after time.

Like having Karius in goal, the rampant glitches keep scoring over EA FC, as thousands of players have just coupled a free TOTY Messi card, making your Divisions and Champs games all that harder.

But as Messi continues to score against you, could you imagine your opponents being awarded two goals every time they hit the back of the net? Well, that's the most recent exploit to ruin EA FC 24, and fans are losing patience.

EA FC 24 glitch doubles every goal scored in Division Rivals


Taking to Twitter, one player found that they were scoring two goals with one ripple of the net, as content creator "SAFJamie" found his Darwin Nunez finish took the score in a Division Rivals game from 2-2 to 2-4, which put this game to bed almost instantly.

At first, some players thought this was a party game mode, but SAFJamie quickly refuted this claim by pointing out the UI which says Division Rivals in the top corner.

The creator also went as far as showing the dubious EA FC community that it wasn't edited either, by pulling up his Xbox Clips where the video then played.

Doubtlessly, this glitch won't help you tally up your Evolutions stats either, as those Barcola or Salmon challenges won't be going up twice as quickly, just the usual one goal at a time.

EA FC 24 fans lose patience after new double-goal glitch

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With this glitch now going viral on social media, players have begun commenting on the game, losing all patience and even being put off buying the next title upon its release.

"Absolutely unbelievable," said one player, while another added, "This game has gone to utter s**t when the next one comes out I’m just gonna wait till it’s 70% off. No point in this."

A third fan mocked the constantly bug-ridden game, saying, "I mean a beta is always full of bugs. Can't wait for the full game to release finally."

Other players also claimed that this was an error on the scoreboard, and would actually cancel out after the game, although this doesn't change the perception created for both players in the middle of the match.

Even if it was a simple error on the UI, one player added, "Some people saying it’s a scoreboard glitch, it’s still another broken service in-game."

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