TOTY cards set for double Playstyle+ upgrades in EA FC 24

TOTY cards set for double Playstyle+ upgrades in EA FC 24
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10th Jan 2024 16:08

The mark of a good player in EA FC this year is their PlayStyles. The newly added feature to FC 24 Ultimate Team cards takes the skill cap up a notch, giving players the freedom to experiment with personnel that fit their tactics.

Cutting in with a Finesse+, getting in behind the fullbacks with Rapid+, dribbling through defences with Trickster+, or slicing teams open with passing courtesy of Tiki Taka+, there are now more meta ways to play the series than ever before.

And now the ante is being upped, as the Team Of The Year cards are expected to have two PlayStyle+ attributes, elevating their skill level above any other players in the game.

EA FC 24 TOTY cards expected to have two PlayStyle+

The Team of the Year nominees are here, and as introduced by CBS' lineup of Bellingham, Putella, Carragher, and Richards, and both the women's and men's footballers will have eleven players in their respective TOTY XIs.

But according to "FUT24News", every TOTY card will have two PlayStyle+ attributes, which is a first for the new series.

This could also open up the door to TOTS Evolutions being able to have a second PlayStyle, which could be huge for those players who might have locked in their chosen path to a PlayStyle already (I've already locked Bajcetic into the Radioactive Inteceptor+, limiting his options to other Evoltions which result in a PlayStyle+ being awarded).

EA FC 24 fans debate the best double PlayStyle+ combinations

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With this in mind, the question is what are the best two PlayStyles to have together?

Considering the attacking options like Mohamed Salah, Finesse+ is being cast as quite a favourable option, while Mbappe fans would love to combine his Rapid+ with a shooting boost.

"Finesse+ and Technical+, Defenders Anticipate+ and Block+," said one popular commenter on Twitter.

Others opted for a medley of shooting options which could confuse opposition defenders around the edge of the box, with one saying, "Finesse and power shot plus".

As for the midfield gang, "Technical+ and Pinged pass+" are a popular duo, alongside "Interception+ and Press Proven+" for the more defensive-minded players in the middle of the park.

With the Team of the Year players entering packs soon, it's only a matter of time before we see which combinations are favoured, ready to break the meta wide open.

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