EA FC 24 fans criticise ‘worst pack in history’

EA FC 24 fans criticise ‘worst pack in history’
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Morgan Truder


29th Dec 2023 12:28

A pack that has been released on the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team store has been questioned on Reddit as being “one of the worst packs in history”.

The pack in question is a Hero player pick where the player can choose one of the cards to keep but it is untradeable.

Traditionally you would see these kinds of packs in the game offered as SBCs, but this time around it is in the store, available to be purchased with either coins or Ultimate Team points. The pack has called into question the quality of the store in general, with one user saying “People obviously should stay well clear of the store in general”.

Poor value EA FC 24 pack has fans frustrated

The reason why fans are so frustrated with the pack is because it will cost 350,000 coins to buy, but there are only six cards you can get worth more than that on the market.

If you were to buy the pack using Ultimate Team points it would cost 1,500 FC Points - which is £13.49 in real money. You can only get FC Points using actual money.

EA FC 24 fans slam the new Hero Pack

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The pack has certainly riled up some of the community, with another user weighing in and adding “I mean just flat out this is not a pack you’re supposed to open with coins”. Implying that the packs on the store are intended to be bought with real money, something EA have been accused of in the past. 

What makes it worse, is the Hero cards are not really any good at this stage in the game.

There is even a new batch of Hero cards you can get in EA FC, that are of higher quality and would offer much better value if they were included instead. If you do decide to have a pop at the pack, the best player you can get would be Ginola, but Lucio and a couple of others will offer an okay return.

Maybe you might be best holding onto your coins or Christmas money with this one...

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