EA FC 24 fans split over ‘fake’ Evolutions players

EA FC 24 fans split over ‘fake’ Evolutions players
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9th Jan 2024 17:35

Evolutions have been one of the best features ever released into Ultimate Team, with fans of EA FC applauding its inclusion repeatedly over the last three months.

The new system has provided EA FC 24 players the opportunity to reinvent the meta by forming their own overpowered players and creating teams with their favourite players, rather than just promo cards.

Yet there appears to be some debate as to whether these inflamed card stats are actually being reflected in-game, with some fans of the series claiming that there is such a thing as "fake Evolutions".

EA FC 24 players think they've spotted 'fake Evolutions'

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For years, EA has upped players’ stats in promotions, making ordinary cards much better as the year goes on - making events like Future Stars fan favourites - but not every buffed player is good enough to become meta.

Now, with Evolutions, some players think that their cards aren’t actually reflecting the stats that they are sporting post-upgrades, resulting in "fakes".

One post on Twitter has highlighted the journey one silver card has undergone, as second-tier Spanish player Juanma can be taken from a 70 overall to an 89, with stats like 95 Pace, 93 Shooting, 94 Passing, and 93 Dribbling, yet not being a world-beater in-game.

"Seen this opinion a lot recently. 'Evolutions have “fake” stats & don’t feel as good in game as they look'," said popular content creator "DonkTrading".

EA FC 24 fans debate 'fake Evolutions'


With a lot of disappointing Evos having been made, especially those including silver cards via Growth Spurt or Glow Up, EA FC 24 fans feel like the cards aren't marrying with the in-game quality.

"Some yes some no", one fan said.

Another added, "To compete against really good opponents you can’t play “no name evos”. You can only use meta evos to get the best ranks."

There's also some science behind it too, according to others.

"It's just that they don't have the animations that the higher-rated cards have. Animations are the most important thing in the game," added another fan, pointing out that it's all in the dynamism of each player.

Others pointed out that there are a lot of successful Evolutions, such as Llorente, Tel, Alaba, and the most recent Malen, all of whom have become "meta".

Yet maybe the animations really do play a part in this conspiracy. Maybe that's why no Evo has yet to live up to the fluidity and speed of Mbappe, or the control and substance of Icon Ronaldo. Maybe there is proof in the pudding...

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