Dr Disrespect Takes Swipe At xQc As He Crowns Himself 'Best Elden Ring Player'

Dr Disrespect Takes Swipe At xQc As He Crowns Himself 'Best Elden Ring Player'
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4th Mar 2022 17:13

Herschel "Dr DisRespect" Beahm IV appears to have gone a little mad with power following his Elden Ring playthroughs. So much so, that he wasn't afraid to take a swipe at Twitch king Felix "xQc" Lengyel.

Elden Ring may have only been released on February 25, but it has already hooked in millions of players, including some of the world's most famous content creators hoping to explore the world of the Lands Between. Not to mention, the new fantasy RPG has proven to be hit for streamers hoping to pull in the views. So much so, that streamers who are exclusively featuring the game in their content are dominating the Twitch stats. 

One unexpected Elden Ring obsessive is battle royale streaming legend Dr Disrespect, who has plenty of things to say criticising the game, but just can't stop playing. So much so, that he has plugged in a hefty amount of hours into the game, which has caused him to speculate whether he could be "the best Elden Ring player." 

Dr Disrespect Claims He Could Be 'The Best Elden Ring Player'

As one of the world's most renowned FPS battle royale players, Dr Disrespect wanting to have a go at a fantasy RPG souls game like Elden Ring came as a bit of a surprise to fans. Despite having many qualms about the game, the Doc clearly just can't get enough and continues to plough through Elden Ring, sometimes streaming his playthroughs for up to 11 hours a day. 

In doing so, the Two-Timer has conquered the levels of the game at a rapid rate, when many are still struggling with its unforgiving difficulty. 6 hours and 3 mins into one of his latest streams, broadcast on March 3, Dr Disrespect claimed: "I might be the best Elden Ring player. I mean, I'm doing all this at level what – 27 or 28?"

While Dr Disrespect celebrated his success, he also decided to take a swipe at another popular streamer who is riding along in the Elden Ring hype train. Never one to shy away from poking fun at his rivals, the Doc quipped: "xQc, he's like level 99, he's got someone off-stream grinding it for him."

Has xQc Responded To Dr Disrespect's Comment?

As of writing, xQc hasn't publicly commented on the Doc's comment. Then again, the wave of success that xQc is enjoying with Elden Ring probably speaks for itself. However, xQc certainly isn't afraid to throw the shade right back at his fellow streamers. Not to mention, despite being facing heavy competition from rival Elden Ring streamers, xQc is still holding on to an impressive following.

Warzone may seem like a distant memory for Dr Disrespect as he continues to plough through Elden Ring, with no end in sight. However, proclaiming himself as perhaps "the best Elden Ring player" certainly will prompt a wave of dispute among his fans. 


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