xQc Slates Ludwig For Comments About Streamers Watching DMCA Content

xQc Slates Ludwig For Comments About Streamers Watching DMCA Content
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Emma Hill


4th Jan 2022 13:40

Ludwig has come under fire from xQc following the YouTuber's comments criticising Twitch streamers for watching TV shows and movies live with their audience.  

When it comes to DMCA content issues, Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren is the man to go to. Since making the move to YouTube from Twitch back in November 2021, the streamer has faced one copyright problem after the other regarding his content on the platform. The streamer has been banned on multiple occasions since setting up shop on YouTube for, seemingly, breaking a number of DMCA rules by streaming his watching of YouTube videos, including watching a small clip of 'Baby Shark'. 

However, despite no longer being able to stream on Twitch, the YouTuber has warned content creators on his former platform not to watch live TV shows and movies as part of their streams as it could be "catastrophic" for the industry. Yet, fellow streaming top dog Felix "xQc" Lengyel wasn't prepared to let Ludwig's comments slide.

What Did Ludwig Say About Streamers Watching DMCA content? 

In an upload on January 1, Ludwig posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he addressed the high amount of Twitch streamers who are "straight-up" filming themselves watching TV shows and films. For example, he specifically named Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang who streamed Home Alone live on Twitch, as well as Rich Campell - who watched The Lord of the Rings films in front of his viewers.

He also gave his take on the MasterChef meta which is, as of writing, sweeping Twitch, as a number of prolific content creators have streamed their watch of the culinary contest in front of thousands of fans. Ludwig directly called out MasterChef enthusiast and Gordon Ramsay's new best friend, xQc. In the video Ludwig said: "Recently, there has been a swath of people on Twitch just outright watching TV shows and you might have seen this because the biggest creator xQc does this quite often with MasterChef [...] It's f*cking crazy. They are just straight up watching TV shows on stream!"

Ludwig did clarify that he thought xQc watching MasterChef "wasn't that bad" and that "the purpose of this video is not to expose these people in the hopes that a company takes them down." Rather, he claimed that it was due to things getting "a little out of hand. And I think we might need a bit of a course correction before this all comes crashing down." Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long until one of Twitch's most famous streamers clapped back against Ludwig's comments. 

How Did xQc Respond To Ludwig Comments?

In typical xQc fashion, the MasterChef fan wasn't prepared to let Ludwig's comments slide without stating his own opinion on the subject. While watching Ludwig's video live on stream, xQc claimed: "I think he's just malding that he swapped cars and that car just ran out of gas really f*cking fast." For those who aren't familiar with the reference, xQc was referring to Ludwig's viral video in which he symbolised his move from Twitch to YouTube by hopping out of a purple car and into a red one. After climbing into the red car (YouTube), Ludwig claimed that he could play copyrighted music in this car. 

However, as Ludwig fans will know, the YouTuber has been landed with a number of bans from YouTube for featuring copyrighted content in his videos and, supposedly, breaking the platform's DMCA rules. As you can imagine, this was something xQc was quick to throw back at the YouTuber. 

Although, xQc didn't completely disagree with Ludwig as he agreed that "he's not wrong. It is what it is though. But that would be an actual disaster for the industry. So, what is the answer then?" He did also warn that there would a real problem if some "crazy" streamers decided to try and watch "actual brand new" releases live. While Ludwig is calling on the MasterChef meta to be halted in its tracks before it goes too far, xQc claims that it is part of the "future" of Twitch. Only time will tell who turns out to be right. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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