Dr Disrespect's Dev Studio Responds After Accused Of Stealing From Cyberpunk 2077

Dr Disrespect's Dev Studio Responds After Accused Of Stealing From Cyberpunk 2077
Images via Midnight Society | CD Projekt RED

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Emma Hill


21st Mar 2022 12:55

Midnight Society, the new AAA game studio headed by Dr Disrespect and a heap of battle royale devs, has responded to accusations that it 'stole' artwork from Cyberpunk 2077

YouTuber Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV (aka Dr Disrespect) sparked excitement when he announced that he had joined with a number of former Halo and Call Of Duty developers to form the new AAA studio Midnight Society. After a long period of secrecy, the studio then announced an exciting look into its upcoming battle royale game. However, it didn't exactly go down well on social media when it was revealed that NFTs would be involved

Midnight Society then found itself in the firing line once again after a human error on its website saw the studio accused of 'stealing' artwork from CD Projekt RED.

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Fans Accuse Midnight Society Of Stealing From Cyberpunk 

On March 19, eagle-eyed Twitter user "inhuman" shared a screenshot from Midnight Society's website, featuring an image from its upcoming game. However, they quickly noticed that it was actually artwork from Cyberpunk 2077. In the tweet, inhuman said: "The first frame on the website for Dr Disrespect's new NFT game is from the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer."

Although inhuman thought it could possibly be an exciting collab, fans were quick to accuse Midnight Society of pinching the artwork from CD Projekt RED's RPG. As one Twitter user, referring to the studio's controversial NFT integration, said: "NFT bros are good at stealing stuff." It was the same story over on Reddit as the tweet soon went viral. Some fans also referred to Dr Disrespect finally settling his lawsuit with Twitch and how he could be on the verge of another legal battle with CD Projekt RED: "So DrDisrespect is hopping from one lawsuit to another. Interesting tactic let's see if it pays off."

However, there were some who stood up for the new game studio, which is currently developing its debut game - a battle royale referred to as 'Project Moon'. One Twitter user, who supported Midnight Society, and its NFT integration, said: "If you're gonna disregard an entire studio and their game because they include optional NFTs, then I don't think your problem is with NFTs."

Midnight Society Responds To 'Stealing' Accusations 

It wasn't long before the tweet caught the attention of Midnight Society's Studio Head Robert Bowling, who quickly explained how the incident was a complete mistake. In the tweet, Bowling responded: "This has nothing to do with Cyberpunk. One of our web engineers pushed an optimization that was meant to change to fallback image for the video on the website and accidentally uploaded the incorrect image (this frame from the Cyberpunk trailer)." He then concluded by saying the engineer "will be properly shamed."

So, things have got off to a bumpy start for Midnight Society. However, it's still early days and with so many battle royale experts behind the helm, such as Dr Disrespect, there is plenty to get excited about. 

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Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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