Asmongold Warns Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society Off 'Scam' NFTs

Asmongold Warns Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society Off 'Scam' NFTs
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Emma Hill


17th Mar 2022 13:29

Zack "Asmongold" has sent a foreboding warning over to Dr Disrespect and the team at Midnight Society after the AAA studio's new NFT-based Founders Access Pass was slammed online. 

Fans could not have been more excited when Herschel Beahm IV (aka Dr Disrespect) announced that he was launching a new AAA game studio. Called Midnight Society it boasted veterans of the Halo and Call Of Duty franchises among its staff. The team have been fairly quiet about its debut battle royale game, until March 15 when it was announced that it was launching the Founders Access Pass. For $50, the pass effectively gives fans the chance to have some input on the game's development. Although it wasn't specifically stated by Midnight Society that the pass was effectively an NFT, it didn't take long for fans to read between the lines and they were furious.

Despite the Doc coming forward to clear up some misconceptions about the Founders Access Pass, it hasn't done much to quell the NFT-fuelled fears of his fans. Now, another legendary streamer has given his take, explaining why he thinks the scheme could be a "huge mistake."

What Did Asmongold Say About Midnight Society's Founders Access Pass?

Along with a number of other popular content creators in the community, streamer Asmongold has been openly vocal about his disdain for NFTs. Previously, calling the expensive Non-Fungible Tokens "horsesh*t", the World of Warcraft player has praised his fellow creators for speaking out against the scheme. So, you can imagine he wasn't best pleased when he heard that Midnight Society, co-founded by YouTuber Dr Disrespect, was integrating NFTs into its Founders Access Pass. 

Asmongold was quick to avoid placing any of the blame at the Doc's door, suggesting it was more likely a corporate move. Speaking on his March 16 stream, Asmongold said: "I think there's a good chance that Doc might not be the biggest fan of NFTs either. Just his marketing, or production, or development team thinks this is a really good idea and so, because he's the face of the product, he has to kind of defend it." 

Although Asmongold admitted it must "suck" for Dr Disrespect to be in that position, he further stated that the Two-Time has to take "some sort of responsibility also." The Lost Ark fan also stressed his view that he believes NFTs are a "scam" that could damage his popularity. 

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Asmongold Claims NFTs Could Damage Dr Disrespect's Reputation

Since his departure from Twitch, the Doc has worked hard to establish himself as a YouTuber and has maintained his staggering popularity among fans thanks to his genuine personality and iconic style. However, Asmongold warned that Midnight Society's integration with NFTs could potentially damage his reputation, given how they have been widely condemned by the community. 

In the rant, Asmongold claimed: "[Dr Disrespect] is a big content creator, he is to a certain degree authentic about who he is, even though who he is is a joke. If you remove and change that authenticity into doing something like NFTs or whatever, that really hurts people's perception. Because it is fundamental to the image that he's created."

Dr Disrespect hasn't responded to Asmongold's comments, as of writing. Although, he has previously clarified that fans "don't have to have NFTs" to get the Founders Game Pass. As well as this, he claimed there are ways to get involved with its game, Project Moon, without the use of NFTs. 

We think this story, with both the Doc's first game and the wider industry, has a few more chapters yet.

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