Tower Of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: How To Fix

Tower Of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: How To Fix
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Kiera Mills


12th Aug 2022 14:00

The Tower of Fantasy Wanderer creation limit is a bug that many players have encountered since its PC and Mobile launch on August 10. Players who haven’t created a character yet are receiving the text error from Tower of Fantasy. To find out how you can fix the bug and create your custom character, read here.

Tower Of Fantasy: How To Fix Wanderer Creation Limit

Tower of Fantasy Character Creation
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Many players have experienced a ' Wanderer Creation Limit Reached' message upon making their custom characters at the start of the game.

The issue seems to be with the number of players already on the server, with the server limit reaching maximum capacity.

As such, the only solution so far has been to swap servers and try making a character whilst on a different one.

During high-traffic hours try to select a server that displays a green or orange orb next to it, this will indicate that the server is running with fewer players than others.


Tower Of Fantasy: Rewards for Launch Disruptions

In response to the overcrowded servers and large wait times, Hotta Studio has released free items as recompense for players who applied for pre-registration. These are:

  • Dark crystal ×600
  • Gold nucleus ×10

Hotta Studio issued a statement along with this to explain that most of the login and server issues have been fixed, with the team working to fix other issues over the next 48 hours (from launch).  To claim your freebies, they will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

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