Tower of Fantasy Sangrevis: Ironclad Sangrevis Location

Tower of Fantasy Sangrevis: Ironclad Sangrevis Location
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Kiera Mills


10th Nov 2022 16:59

Ironclad Sangrevis is a new mini-boss within the Vera map of Tower of Fantasy that players will need to defeat to add to their overall progress on the map. For Ironclad Sangrevis' location in Tower of Fantasy, read here.

Tower of Fantasy: Where Is Ironclad Sangrevis?

Ironclad Sangrevis Location in Tower of Fantasy
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Ironclad Sangrevis is located east of the Silvercoast Lab, indicated on the map above, he is on an open plain and should be easy to spot once within the correct coordinates. He resembles a robotic rhino creature and isn’t too much of a struggle to take down.

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