Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Location And What To Do

Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Location And What To Do
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Kiera Mills


26th Oct 2022 17:37

Amongst the delightful surprises the Tower of Fantasy Vera update has shown us, none are quite as adorable as the Friendly Sand Rabbit. This cheerful critter can be found within the Gobby Desert in Tower of Fantasy rolling on its back and 'looking for encouragement'. If this puzzle has left you stumped, then look no further. Read on to find out how you can interact with the rabbit for a reward.

Tower Of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit Location

Tower of Fantasy: Friendly Sand Rabbit Location
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The Friendly Sand Rabbit is located south of the Magma Lair Spacerift in the northern range of the Gobby Desert. Just underneath the bridge structure and next to some cactus trees, you should be able to notice it as you get closer as it is spinning continuously on its back.


Tower Of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbit: How To Solve

Tower of Fantasy: How To Emote
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To get a reaction from the rabbit and get it to stop rolling on its back, you must perform the clapping emote in front of him. To do so perform the following steps:

  • Hold down ALT if on PC and click on the ellipsis button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on either the 'World' or 'Crew' tab on the left list.
  • Click the plus button next to the text box
  • Press the button with the two people holding hands icon
  • Click on the clap emote
  • The rabbit will stop rolling and will dig up a Black Nucleus for you to pick up

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