How to find the Tall House Key in The Cycle Frontier

How to find the Tall House Key in The Cycle Frontier
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15th Jun 2022 14:58

The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key can be a good source of powerful early-game loot when you're just getting to grips with dropping down into Fortuna III and learning how to survive. Getting the best loot and living to escape with it is the key to mastering The Cycle Frontier, but it's not always an easy task due to the AI enemies across the map and other players. So read on for a primer on how to find and use The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key. 

Where can you find the Tall House Key?

The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key Location
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The Tall House Key can be found within the Woodcutter Camp, which is below the Waterfall Labs in the north-east region of the map. There will only be one in the area at a given time, you will likely have to contest with other players. The key can be found anywhere within the camp, typically inside of jackets, safes, and desks.

What is the Tall House Key?

What Is The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key
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You will want to track down the keys all across the map of The Cycle Frontier, but the Tall House Key is particularly useful for early-game players due to its potential abundance of resources and gear. They are used for opening specific rooms that come with loot inside. Keys also have a rarity associated with them to denote the difficulty of the area, with rarer keys like The Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key useful for players' better equipment. 

It's worth noting that you can lose keys if you die while they are in your inventory, but you can equip them in your safe pocket to keep them if you don't make it back safely. 

How do you use the Tall House Key?

How To Use The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key
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Once you've netted yourself the Tall House Key, you will need to find the Tall House itself. This isn't too hard as it's located within the camp too, and is - as expected - the tallest house around, so you can just head inside and up the stairs to find the locked room. If you use the key to open it, you can find a tonne of useful stuff inside, such as ammunition, weapons, grenade crates, healing stims, armor, and attachments. Make sure to survive the trip back with all your gear, and when looting the room, it's a good idea to lock the door behind so you won't get snook up on. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find The Cycle Frontier Tall House Key, and now you know what type of loot you can get from utilizing it.

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