The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops: How To Get

The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops: How To Get
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15th Jun 2022 10:33

The Cycle Frontier Twitch drops are happening very soon, meaning players can jump to watch their favourite, or new, streamers to earn different rewards that can be redeemed in-game. The Cycle Frontier is an extraction shooter that pits you against different AI monsters and even other players on an alien planet, where you can drop in at any time to gather different loot and complete objectives. The Cycle Frontier Twitch drops provide another way to earn valuable items for use in-game, so read on to see how to get them.

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops
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Before you can start earning the abundance of rewards, you will need to connect your Twitch account to your Yager game account. This can be done by logging into the Cycle Frontier Twitch drops website here with your PC platform of choice, and then linking it to your Twitch account by continuing to follow the process in the above link. After this, you're all set up and can start watching streams for rewards when they begin. Once you earn a drop during a stream, there will be a pop-up you can click to claim it and email you. 

The Twitch drops are set to begin during the launch of Season One, and will continue for 11 days into the campaign. This starts on June 23 at 11am BST (12pm CEST/6am EST/3am PST) and ends at the exact same times on July 4

The Cycle Frontier Twitch drops will work a little differently than other titles, as there is a schedule for which channels can enable them. These are split between open days, partners only, and affiliates only.

  • June 23 - June 25 - Open days, meaning any steamer of the game can enable drops.
  • June 25 - June 28 - Partners only, with a rotating schedule that will be revealed closer to the date.
  • June 28 - June 29 - Affiliates only, highlighting some of the smaller channels that stream the Cycle Frontier. 
  • June 29 - July 2 - Partners only, with another schedule. 
  • July 2 - July 4 - Open days. 

What Are The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops?

What Are The Cycle Frontier Twitch Drops?
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The drops are set to include bags, armour, and weapons, and they can vary in rarity between Common and Legendary. There will be a total of 66 drops available over the 11-day period, with six up for grabs each day over an 18-hour period. The drops that occur later in the day will have a better percentage of being a higher rarity, and your greatest chance at earning the best gear is by claiming each drop. 

That's all for our breakdown of how to get the Cycle Frontier Twitch drops, and now you know when they begin and how to claim them.

We also have a walkthrough for how to sell your gear and items in the Cycle Frontier, allowing you to earn more currency to gain better equipment. 

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