How to find the Janitor's Key in The Cycle Frontier

How to find the Janitor's Key in The Cycle Frontier
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Have you come across The Cycle: Frontier Janitor's Key and are not sure what to do with it? The Cycle: Frontier doesn't do much handholding, so a lot of players are lost on what to do with this unique item. Let's go over where and how to use the Janitor's Key in The Cycle: Frontier.

Where is the Janitor's Key in The Cycle Frontier

The Janitor's Key and other keys like it exist as loot within The Cycle: Frontier. Keys, in particular, can only be found in three types of containers: safes, jackets, and desks.

Safes are small metal strongboxes typically found on the floor inside of buildings. Jackets are dark in color and you'll notice them hanging up inside the various rooms across the planet's regions. Finally, as with the other two containers we just mentioned, desks are located inside the numerous rundown buildings on Fortuna III.

How to use the Janitor's Key

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While you can find and loot the Janitor's Key on both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls, the only place you can actually use the Janitor's Key is on Crescent Falls. The Janitor's Key is used to unlock rooms at the Starport Admin point of interest on Crescent Falls. 

As a bonus, Starport Admin is home to a total of 11 jackets and one safe. Loot these containers while you're here for the chance at more keys.

Starport Admin is a rather large facility made up of three total floors. However, we'll want to navigate to the basement. The basement of Starport Admin contains three doors that can only be opened by someone holding the Janitor's Key. Visit this location with the Janitor's Key in your inventory to open these locked doors and collect all of the high-value loot inside.

A word of warning though — Crescent Falls is labeled as "hard" difficulty for a reason. This region of the planet is overflowing with hostile creatures that can put an end to your run with swiftness. The local wildlife on Crescent Falls is not only stronger than the species' on Bright Sands, but it's more prevalent too. It's easy to get overwhelmed by packs of creatures if you're not careful.

Since keys only weigh 0.1, you can easily store the Janitor's Key in your Safe Pockets. This way, you won't lose the key if you meet an unfortunate end. Also, you may want to consider making the journey naked or with very little valuable loot on you. Only bring what you're willing to lose because chances are, you will lose it.

With this information on hand, you should now be well versed in The Cycle: Frontier Janitor's Key. Bring the Janitor's Key along with you on a trip to Crescent Falls and make your way to Starport Admin to put the Janitor's Key to use. Collect all of the goodies hidden inside the locked rooms and extract them successfully to add your newfound items to your stash permanently.

What are Keys in The Cycle Frontier

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Keys are a form of utility used to unlock various rooms across the regions of Fortuna III. During your time on the planet, you'll stumble across locked doors that can only be opened with specific keys. As you'd expect, the loot within these sealed rooms is of notable value due to how difficult it is to access.

Like other items in the game, keys come in varying forms of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and epic. These rarities can be identified by the colours white, green, blue, and purple.

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